Welcome to EverWitt Productions, LLC

EverWitt Productions, LLC (EWP) is a boutique packaging studio that specializes in alternative distribution media properties and film projects that reflect global humanitarian subject matter. In short, we take on projects that we really care about. We are interested in projects that further human knowledge, scientific thinking, social and cultural education, human rights, and the greater good. We are a creative studio that packages and produces live, streaming, documentaries, CGI, puppetry and stop-motion, 2D & 3D animation for publishing, product merchandising, licensing, advertising, and film for mobile and OTT streaming platforms and other new media platforms.

Current Projects

W ilderness

At the Battle of the Wilderness , a war-hardened, North Carolina Confederate soldier makes a fateful decision in the heat of battle that sends him on a journey home through a parallel wilderness.

G izby's Garage

Kid robot scientist Gizby Gizmo , his sister Gidget, and his best friend Servo build, test, and crash their way through science experiments and challenges to learn about the world around them.

Wilderness follows a confederate soldier during the battle of the Wilderness in the American Civil War.  At the Battle of the Wilderness, a war-hardened, North Carolina Confederate soldier makes a fateful decision in the heat of battle that sends him on a journey home through a parallel wilderness.

May 5, 1864, the Civil War Battle of the Wilderness, Northern Virginia. Samuel Barnett and a group of Confederate soldiers lay low waiting for the inevitable… bullets and bayonets with the Army of the Potomac. Just as all hell is about to break loose, Samuel spots Jeremiah, a ten-year-old slave boy wandering through the woods right into the killing zone.

As the battle erupts, Samuel charges through the hellfire and saves Jeremiah from the wrath of war. Coming face-to-face with death, Samuel soon starts to question his war-torn life, Confederate philosophies, and the meaning behind his instincts to save a black child’s life. He finds himself on a journey home through a parallel wilderness with Jeremiah. As the two struggle with friendship and wandering through the wilderness, Samuel is challenged to see life through Jeremiah’s eyes and the eccentric characters who come out of the woods. As they continue to journey together through this strange but natural world, the only thing that keeps Samuel heading home and away from his inner hatred and war-scarred soul is Jeremiah’s way with the wilderness and his collection of letters from his worried wife back home.Through the purity of Jeremiah and close encounters with life-challenging characters and the haunting ethereal wilderness, Samuel is able to find his way back home, only to realize that Jeremiah is the guiding light of his destiny.

EverWitt Productions is also proud to present our newest family entertainment property, Gizby's Garage , a live-action, early exploratory science robot show for kids. Developed with the help of award winning educators, stories involve researching and creating real-world activities that are structured around the scientific method.

Gizby Gizmo and his older sister Gidget are two robot kids full of boundless curiosity about our world. Together with Gizby’s neighborhood friend, Servo, and their faithful dog, Tezla, the dynamic sibling duo blast their way through science found in music, travel, nature, play, and many other wonderful things in the world around us.

The kids each approach science and tech from completely different angles, which can lead to some testy situations. Gidget is constantly bombarded by Gizby’s chaotic energy. Gizby, an adrenaline junky, sees science as X-Games. He jumps, whether there is a plan or not!The naturally cautious Servo is Gizby’s true friend who always sides with his BFF, no matter how crazy he thinks an experiment is. The three bots are joined by their creative and handy robot family, including Mom, Dad, Gramps, as well as a variety of friends, relatives and experts they encounter. In our work, we often need convenient equipment and its movement, so we use aer fit pack 2