Welcome to EverWitt Productions, LLC

"We began as a partnership of dads, all of whom now mostly work from home. We regularly participate in family and community activities that many working dads don’t have the opportunity to enjoy. As parents and creatives, are heavily involved with ongoing content creation for charitable purposes, humanistic causes, and social conscious artwork, including work for our local Food Banks, Feeding America, film and media culture, human rights, local schools and libraries." ~ J.H. Everett, Ph.D, Principal Partner EverWitt Productions, LLC

EverWitt Productions, LLC (EWP) is a boutique transmedia packaging studio that specializes in edutainment properties and global humanitarian film and story projects. 

EverWitt Productions is proud to present our newest edutainment show, Gizby's Garage, a Live-action, early exploratory science robot show for pre-school aged kids. Developed with the help of award winning educators, stories involve researching and creating real-world activities that are structured on the scientific method and multi-intelligences learning processes - all from the warm, safe, and fun setting of the family's garage.

EverWitt is also creating a new live-action short film called The Silent Duel, about the childhood of famed director, Akira Kurosawa.  We are a creative studio that packages and produces live, CGI, stop-motion, 2D & 3D animation for publishing, product merchandising, licensing, advertising, and film on mobile and new media platforms. 

~So, what does this all mean? It means we know what our kids and their friends read and watch. It means that we care about the world that we are leaving to our kids. And, admittedly, we are often sitting right there, covered in peanut butter and jelly, enjoying life with them. And, yeah, we truly believe that we can help make the world a better place for all of us and our kids, while at the same time still spending Saturday morning watching cartoons on the couch with our kids, while eating Captain Crunch cereal. (Don’t tell mom!)


In short, we take on projects that we really care about. We are interested in projects that further human knowledge, scientific thinking, social and cultural education, human rights, and the greater good.

Current Projects

Gizby's Garage

Budding preschool robot scientist Gizby Gizmo, his sister Gidget, and his best friend Servo build, test, and crash their way through STEM experiments and science challenges to learn about the world around them.



The Silent Duel is a short mixed media film, currently in pre-production, about the young life of film director, Akiro Kurosawa. 


Tinker's toolbox

Tinker's Toolbox is a live-action puppet show geared toward dads and their kids, aged 7 to 10. Quick, engaging "how-to" segments encourage fathers and children to connect by building projects together at home in the garage.