What is Edutainment?

Our team of educational experts works with us to design each and every program, so that they are useful both in classrooms and at home - as well as fun! Our educational designers help structure the curriculum standards and STEM basis for every concept, right alongside our internationally published creative writers, humorists, artists and performers. Every episode is reviewed by our educational team to optimize its usability in the classroom, as well as by our creative team to maximize the fun!

We believe that learning happens through collaborative, peer-to-peer, real world play... And, what's more fun than learning new things?

Kids, teachers, and home educators are what EverWitt Productions is all about - whether they are the third-grade science teacher at the local elementary school or the parent who is helping with homework or home-schooling their son or daughter - EverWitt edutainment programs are here to offer top-quality, family friendly entertainment that keeps the classroom, STE(A)M, and classroom standards in clear focus through curriculum related activities, real world build models, research guides and links, and even some friendly advice from experts on how to bring the classroom into your everyday life and family - all wrapped up in LOADS of fun!

So, how do we get it all done right? It's simple, our advisors are all great teachers - and parents...

We know that there is not enough time in the day to get through everything that needs to be taught and we can't thank you enough for making our shows a part of your day! We promise to do our best to keep creating quality immersive edutainment, basing our shows on things like the Scientific Method, that really works for the subjects that you are teaching.

To us, this means keeping consistent partnerships with dedicated professional educators who know and understand curriculum and the modern classroom environment.


Our programs are geared toward pre-school and grammar school kids aged 3 to 11 years old. The shows help parents and kids connect and create by spending time together building things and learning tools for life.

Episodes are segmented into quick, engaging stand-alone segments that rev up a kid's brains and abilities. The segments are based on scientific inquiry and are short enough to be used as part of classroom activities.

“~ My Dad’s Garage subjects and clips are designed to fit into STEM and Common Core curriculum standards, so that they can be used as supplemental material in any grammar school classroom or activity.”
“~EverWitt Productions includes veterans from multiple disciplines within education, entertainment, media, and publishing. Our education partners and advisor specialists are active, award winning professors and teachers from distinguished schools and school districts including: The University of California (various), Concordia University, Arizona State University, Capistrano Unified School District, and Irvine School District.”
“~Our creative partners have worked on projects from Dreamworks, Jim Henson, Hanna Barbera, Disney, Cartoon Network, United Artists, MacMillan and Henry Holt Publishing, Scholastic Publishing, Paramount, ILM, and many, many more. Our perspective on storytelling and show creation is quite unique. We are a true collaboration of arts, sciences, and parenting.”