GIZBY’S GARAGE is a warm and charming robot family show for preschool aged kids (age 3-5) that takes place in the Gizmo family Garage (their home) and the Hatch (a wall-mounted version of Skype). Not a day goes by when Mom and Dad aren’t out in the Garage fixing, building, or inventing a gadget, when Gizby and Gidget charge in with a whirlwind of questions, thoughts, and new ideas. The entire family gets involved in satisfying the kids’ curiosity and questions through investigation and problem solving with raucous research, cool calculations, and brain-bending builds. At its core, GIZBY’S GARAGE is about parents and kids spending time together, using today’s technology and real world skills to explore science, build things in the garage, and learn tools for life. Each episode is all about solving problems and working together to get things done. The show encourages kids, teachers, and families to connect the dots between real world science, technology, and mathematics in fun and exciting ways. Each episode is supercharged with quick, engaging plots and STEM-oriented activities that kids can do at home.