Gizby's Garage -OVERVIEW



Gizby Gizmo and his older sister Gidget are two robot kids full of boundless curiosity about our world. Together with Gizby’s neighborhood friend, Servo, and their faithful dog, Tezla, the dynamic sibling duo blast their way through science found in music, travel, nature, play, and many other wonderful things in the world around us. The kids each approach science and tech from completely different angles, which can lead to some testy situations. Gidget is constantly bombarded by Gizby’s chaotic energy. Gizby, an adrenaline junky, sees science as X-Games. He jumps, whether there is a plan or not!

The naturally cautious Servo is Gizby’s true friend who always sides with his BFF, no matter how crazy he thinks an experiment is. The three bots are joined by their creative and handy robot family, including Mom, Dad, Gramps, as well as a variety of friends, relatives and experts they encounter.

Target Audience

Our target demographic focuses primarily on children from second to sixth grade (8-11 years old), with characters and humor written to attract 12-13 year olds.


22 episode season designed for broadcast or streaming. Episodes can exist as 11 or 22 minutes, depending on demand. Each episode will also be supported through social media with additional web content, behind-the-scenes and additional support material.