Gizby's Garage

Budding preschool robot scientist Gizby Gizmo, his sister Gidget, and his best friend Servo build, test, and crash their way through STEM experiments and science challenges to learn about the world around them.


Gizby Gizmo and his older sister Gidget are two preschool robot kids full of boundless curiosity about our world. Together with Gizby’s neighborhood friend Servo, the dynamic sibling duo blast their way through early scientific concepts about nature, technology, and math. Of course, the kids each approach science from completely different angles, one loves to be organized and the other loves explosions, which can lead to some testy situations. Gidget is constantly tested by Gizby’s chaotic energy and bombardments. Gizby, the heart of the show, thinks science is a sport for adreneline junkies, whether there is a plan or not! And, although he is naturally cautious, Servo is Gizby’s loyal friend who always sides with his BFF, no matter how crazy he thinks an experiment is. The three preschool bots are helped and guided by their creative and handy robot family, including Mom, Golly; Dad, Gearz; Gramps; all of their pets and friends from the neighborhood; and experts they meet via a Skype-like Hatch.