Principle Partners

Rick DeWitt, Senior/ Principle Partner... a photographer, cinematographer, and film maker. He holds degrees from UCLA film program and American Film Institute (MA Cinematography). He began his work in professional film with veteran movie producers Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler. He was involved in the script-to-screen process on Round Midnight , Betrayed, and the Music Box with European film directors Bertrand Tavernier and Costa Gavras . He also worked on Rocky IV and Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas . Rick has written over 10 screenplays and most recently was hired to write a contemporary adaptation based on the Winnetou Trilogy, the most sold books in Europe written by Germany's most celebrated writer, Carl May. He completed his internship at AFI with Clint Eastwood's Academy Award winning DP, Jack Green . He has shot feature films, short films, commercials, PSA's, industrials, and documentaries for many companies including Dreamworks SKG . He is currently working on an EverWitt Productions feature film called When Trees Fall out of Indonesia. The script is based on Rick's working relationship with SOKOLA, an Indonesian educational group that is focused on indigenous cultures. EverWitt has structured a co-production deal with a local Indonesian production company, who have committed 30% of the film's budget.

J.H. Everett, Senior/ Principle Partner... an artist and writer. He holds a Ph.D in History from the University of California, Irvine. He is currently co-creating a middle-grade nonfiction series, Haunted Histories: Creepy Castles, Dark Dungeons, and Powerful Palaces , HenryHolt Publishing,  MacMillan Press, Inc. And, is co-authoring the biography ofHannaBarbera artist/designer Bob Singer.  He was a regularlycontributing illustrator for the Los Angleles Times, Kid's Reading Corner . Ev's first picturebook, The Candy Palace ,  was published by the MMJ Foundation Press and Second Harvest Food Bank. In partnership with MMJ Foundation,  Ev has also helped create and implement the school giving programs forthe Candy Palace project. Ev also the artist ambassador for the CandyPalace Charity. In addition to his current book projects, Ev has worked as a freelance concept illustrator for Jim Henson Company and has created concept covers for Scholastic Books . He served as an editor on Me and My World , as well as several other titles for the educational publisher, TeacherCreated Resources . He has written articles for children’s literaturepublications and websites including: SCBWI Kite Tales , Children’s Book Insider , and The Reading Tub and is a featured author in the California Reader's Associationand Authors Now!

Executive Partners

Jill Corcoran, Agent, JCLA - Executive Partner, Creator/Transmedia, Branding & Licensing, EverWitt Productions - Prior to becoming a literary agent, Jill worked at Mattel , LA Gear , Leo Burnett Advertising , and her own company, LAUNCH! New Product Marketing. With an English degree from Stanford University and a Marketing and Finance MBA from the University of Chicago School of Business , Jill has marketed everything from Barbies and Disney toys, to Kellogg’s cereal , hair care and sneakers. Writer turned lit agent, Jill opened the West Coast arm of Herman Agency in 2009. In the summer of 2014, Jill created Jill Corcoran Literary Agency to focus on the very best books for kids, from baby books to young adult and everything in between. Jill’s poetry anthology, DARE TO DREAM...CHANGE THE WORLD  (Kane/Miller, 2012) was honored with the American Library Associatio n 2013 Notable Books for a Global Society Award , a California Reading Association’s 2012 Eureka! Silver Honor , and was named a Best Books of 2013 by Bank Street College of Education .

Nadim Najm, Executive Partner - After graduating from California State University, Fullerton with aBA in Business Administration, Nadim has spent the past 10 years at Group Publishing , serving as the lead publisher in their teenage education department . His duties included acquisitions, projectmanagement, content development, and team management . He and hiscolleagues have become thought leaders in their area of publishing,  leading the way in innovation and market share.

Senior Advisors

Bob Singer, Senior Advisor, Executive Producer - Mr. Singer entered the animationindustry in 1956, working for such studios as Shamus Culhane, WarnerCartoons, U.P.A. Pictures, Hanna-Barbara and Marvel . Bob has been amember of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences f or over fortyyears. In the course of twenty-seven years at Hanna-Barbera whileworking on such productions as the Flintstones, Jonny Quest, Scooby Dooand Yogi Bear , Bob headed the layout department , founded the characterdesign department and later became art director for publicity . Duringthis period he also taught evening classes in layout, character designand storyboard and was a guest lecturer for film classes at theUniversity of Southern California and several local elementary and highschools. In 1988 Bob established his owncompany, Singer/Bandy Group and for the next two years designed greetingcards, cassette covers, coloring books, plush dolls, picture puzzlesand illustrated storybooks for such clients as Hamilton Projects,  Schmidt-Cannon and MCA . In 1990 Bob returned to Hanna-Barbera as a storyboard director and designer of animation cel art .

Thom Stanley, Puppeteer/ Producer - Co-owner of Bob’s Your Uncle Productions in Atlanta. He is an accomplished puppet builder, puppeteer, producer and art director. His puppetry credits include, Muppets from Space, several short films, a TV pilot for Lin Manuel Miranda as well as numerous promos and commercials. He is currently the lead puppeteer on a film produced by Heather Henson titled “The Woods”. As a producer, he’s worked for such clients as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Mattel, Hasbro, Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers. When he’s not busy producing or performing, you just might find him teaching classes at the Center for Puppetry Arts.

BJ Guyer - Puppetry & Production Advisor - Owner of The Puppet Shop in Los Angeles and co-owner of Bob’s Your Uncle Productions in Atlanta and has been working professionally as a puppet designer, fabricator, puppeteer, and producer in the entertainment industry for the last 25 years. He is also a Master instructor for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts in puppet design and construction. A few of his notable television credits include Crank Yankers , The Book Of Pooh , Elmo videos and Holiday videos for Sesame Street , Between the Lions for PBS, Cartoon Network's Chowder and GLEE . His film credits include Muppets From Space , Team America , The Muppets , and " Yamasong: March of the Hollows ", currently in production and has over 100 commercial credits. BJ's puppets have also made their mark on the music industry appearing with multiple international artists including Ed Sheeran's 2014 Best Male Music Video of the Year "Sing".

JR Johnson, Senior Advisor, Technical Animation, Graphics, & Design - holds a BFA degree in illustration from CSU Long Beach, and has been afreelance illustrator for over 15 years. Gag comic writing has also beena passion throughout his career, and currently he writes and drawscartoons for several publications. Current writing credits include those cartoons , freelance projects and an ongoing human magazine column. As an illustrator he has created poster work , technical illustration , advertising illustration , medical rendering , cartooning , book cover , map and process illustration , and productrendering . As a graphic artist he has done everything from pre-press todesigning point of purchase displays, brochures, posters, newsletters,  booklets, websites, billboards, packaging, signage, newspaper andmagazine ads and vehicle graphics. Ongoing work in the childrens market includes coverart, coloring book drawings, character design , and creation of new,  interactive educational entertainment forms for emerging media.

Jay Roth, Senior Advisor - is a computer graphics pioneer, borne of his prior experience in feature film visual effects.  After working on "Aliens , " Spaceballs ," and other films, Jay founded Electric Image, Inc. in 1987.  Initially intended as a CG animation company, Electric Image instead changed focus to what is now known as Digital Content Creation (DCC) software tools , providing a groundbreaking 3D animation product for the Apple Macintosh platform in 1991.  The software, used to create pivotal visual effects sequences in " Terminator 2: Judgment Day ," " Mission: Impossible ," " Star Wars 'Special Edition '," " Star Wars 'The Phantom Menace '," and many summer blockbuster films, television shows, amusement park rides and more. Having sold Electric Image, Inc. , Jay then went on to Sony to aide in the design of a next generation 3D film compositing system. Afterwards, Jay went back into visual effects production until his firstborn son was diagnosed with autism .  At that point, Jay went back into software management and design, ultimately joining NewTek , makers of Lightwave 3D in 2005.  Resurrecting LightWave in film pipelines by adding state-of-the-art features and offering the support that production companies required, Jay led the design for a next-gen platform for LightWave.  Ultimately, creative differences about that product led Jay and NewTek to part ways in 2010.  Since then, Jay has been pursuing his production interests, marrying various modern technologies with art, and using Internet technologies such as video streaming, collaborative workflows, and combining them with his experience and appreciation of traditional visual effects and filmmaking techniques.  Favoring animation in all its forms, traditional (2D), stop motion, CG and the like, Jay is going back to his creative roots by joining EverWitt Productions.  Together, Jay brings his technological savvy and art background, augmenting the rich animation history, illustration and filmmaking background of EverWitt's founders, Rick DeWitt and JH Everett and their team.

Jamil Najm, Senior Advisor - is a veteran Human Resources and international business professional with over thirty years of experience in all fields of human resources combined with extensive international business operations talent and client service orientation. He directs our relationships with international and domestic organizations in the Middle East and parts of Asia. Jamil has directed building our HR Policies, Processes and Systems including Job Analysis - job descriptions and job evaluation, Manpower Planning, Organization Development and Performance Management. Jamil comes to us from Hay Group ; Booz Allen Hamilton (Booz & Co.) ; MEIRC ; Air Borne Express; and the Gulf Bank, Kuwait.


Gabriel McKeagney, Show Tools and Shop Expert Advisor - Gabriel is a Master wood craftsman hailing from Ireland and a fifth-generation family known for their skills in woodwork and coach building. He is a Dad to Brian, Therese and Ronan and constantly exposes his kids to his woodworking projects and often has them involved. He has won 5 National Awards for his work as a furniture designer/builder here in the US. Having mastered the art of furniture making, Gabe now likes to build heirloom pieces of furniture.  His love of art, aesthetic and balance controls his work and drives his original designs. He prefers local woods, designs his work thoughtfully and has recently been exploring building new furniture lines whilst exploring his ancestral aesthetic. Gabriel is advisor to the show on anything involving tools, tool safety, shop and garage work, building processes, and project planning and design.

Clay Davison, Advisor, Hardware and Tool Industry Liaison - Currently Clay is co-owner and VP of Business Development of Architectural Finishing Solutions, the largest custom finishing facility in California, where he has the privilege to see the most creative finishes on wood work being created, daily. His experiences range from working in the heavy industrial to selling to the largest box retailers in the construction industry. Innovation and marketing concepts have become a part of his DNA. To Clay, the pleasure of taking a concept or product idea is fun, challenging and very rewarding. To see a firm grow because his input has raised their company’s profits, goals and expectations has become his stock and trade. With training from the College of New Caledonia in Construction Management, (1972 - 1974), Clay is an expert in Construction Management and Technology Construction Materials, Application Leadership, Management, and Market Relationships. Clay believes that today's challenges are to develop a growing market that young people will be drawn to - embracing the digital hammers and computerized saws of the 21st Century, in order to create new business products and models. He also knows how important it is to teach kids about business processes: utilizing effective sales and customer service, distribution, pricing models, as well as the role of Internet for  accounting, branding, marketing, and customer relations. Clay loves the American drive to push new waves of artisans and practitioners of vision and creativity to the forefront as world leaders in the art of creating great ideas.

Legal Representation

Amanda Dwight, Intellectual Property representation - Amanda V. Dwight is a graduate of the UCLA Schoolof Law where she was the recipient of two fellowships.  At UCLA, Ms.  Dwight served as the Chief Articles Editor of the Pacific Basin LawJournal and judicial extern for the Honorable Gary L. Taylor, U.S.  District Court of California, Central District.  Ms. Dwight also createda program to intake asylum seekers for the Center for Human Rights andConstitutional Law . Ms. Dwight is co-author of a leading treatise ontrademark prosecution law, Trademark Registration Practice(Thomson-West) , and the only practice guide in the U.S. concerningtrademark examining procedures, Practitioner’s Trademark Manual ofExamining Procedure (Thomson-West). She has been a guest speaker andinstructor at local and national organizations; including the nationalMAGIC Marketplace fashion tradeshow, regarding intellectual propertymatters. Prior to attending law school, Ms. Dwight was acomputer programmer and systems consultant for Andersen Consulting (nowAccenture) and an in-house systems analyst for Gannet, Co.  At Andersen,  Ms. Dwight developed distribution control systems for Fortune 500companies.  At Gannet, Ms. Dwight installed and supported advertisingsystems for over fifty newspapers throughout the country. Ms. Dwight received her Bachelor of Science as anhonors graduate from the University of Virginia, McIntire School ofCommerce with a major in Management Information Systems and Marketing.