A European Ireland Is A Far Greater Ireland

Published: 2021-07-10 08:15:05
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For the last few years, Brexit has been a topic of controversial discussion. Though it was a long time coming, it finally gained significant ground on March 29th, 2017 when Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union thereby formally giving notice of Great Britain’s exit of the European Union. . Despite the notice, multiple European countries decided to stay in the Union, Ireland being one of them.
Ireland, also known as the Republic of Ireland, has been a part of the European Union since 1973. According to their Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland plays a central role in in helping shape the European Union throughout their social and economic policies.2. Their membership in the EU has reshaped the country for better in that they have a louder and stronger voice in world politics. By remaining in the EU, they are ensuring that every citizen can live a better and happier life and work to improve areas that require it. Furthermore, it allows the country to be alongside those who wish to create around the world from providing aid to those in need, to helping the environment.3.
As a member of the European Union, as previously mentioned, Ireland has a chance to make their voice louder and stronger amongst the political world. Due to their membership, they play a significant role in developing policies that not only help the Irish, but the rest of the world. They weigh in on issues pertaining to agricultural policy, food safety, and environmental standards, all of which affect everyone in the world.4. Furthermore, by maintaining their membership, Ireland is also preserving its culture. The Irish language is an official working language in the EU, which helps protect the country’s native tongue for future generations.5. By staying in the EU, Ireland is preserving what makes the country what it is and ensuring that future generations can appreciate their culture and ancestry. It allows them the freedom of individuality while contributing to a collective unanimous cause.
From its entrance into the EU in 1973 to 2015, more than four decades later, Ireland received more than 74.3 billion euros (roughly $83 billion) from the EU and within the same time frame they contribute more than 32 billion euros (rough $36.2 billion) to the EU budget.6. Irish businesses, due to country’s membership, have unhindered access to more than 510 million people, benefiting the job market and economy. Trade has increased more than 150-fold, and more than 978,000 jobs have been created due to Ireland’s maintained membership in the European Union.7. The country has seen tremendous gains by being in the Union, benefiting the country and its citizens.
Maintaining membership in the EU has also helped lower tensions, bring peace and political agreement throughout Northern Ireland through support and investment in cross-border programs.8. Staying the Union would only further improve relations in Ireland while also helping the small country attain more wealth and maintain its booming economy. The EU believes in the success of Ireland and invests in its ventures. It provides support where it is needed and serves as a form of peace, democracy, and stability throughout the otherwise divided country and inherently encourages unification.
The benefits of being in the EU allow Irish people the goods and services they otherwise would not be able to obtain. Irish citizens can travel freely and work anywhere within the EU without the need of visas, permits, or other stipulating controls.9. Furthermore, it is now cheaper for people and goods to move between member states due to the easing of transportation regulations on industry, thereby promoting the single market and encouraging citizens to trade freely without burdening them with heavy costs or strict regulation. Membership in the EU ensures that countries like Ireland, small yet strong, maintain their economy and wealth; if it anything it helps them accumulate more wealth to put back into the country and its economy.
Maintaining membership in the EU has greatly benefited Ireland in various sectors. Their economy has experienced a dramatic increase, peace and diplomatic stability is supported and maintained, and the overall standard of living is better for the Irish people. Ireland has a greater voice in the world; their thoughts are being heard and their making a difference because they have more opportunities to do so while in the Union. There are more jobs for their citizens, more freedom to work and travel as they please, and they can maintain what makes their country what it is. EU membership makes for a greater Ireland because it supports the country it its endeavors, stimulates the job market and economy, ensures domestic tranquility, and provides more for Irish citizens.
Ireland is a wealthy country. It is full of culture and opportunity. By maintaining membership in the European Union, Ireland is ensuring the stability of their economy, culture, and people. A European Ireland is a great Ireland because by staying in the European Union, Ireland will keep what makes it the place it is for generations to discover and enjoy.

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