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Published: 2021-06-29 20:10:04
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The documentary, produced by Orlando de Guzman and Katina Parker “Ferguson: A Report from Occupied Territory” refers to an extensive and a rather unconventional response towards a fatal shooting, carried out by a police officer Darren Wilson. Michael Brown, an individual with a black skin colour who got shot on August 9, 2014, raised an important wave of debates in American society in regards to racial issues, existent between police officers. Ferguson Police Department that became an epicentre of debates was closely reflected in the given documentary.
What is rather explicitly reflected in the movie is the fact that individuals from different sides of the story (both, governmental officials, neighbours of Michael Brown and police officers) are given sufficient amount of time to self-express their opinions on the racial issues.
There were several lines of issues addressed in the documentary that goes far beyond the fatal shooting. First of all, inhabitants of the area where Michael Brown lived claim that what happened marked going back to the era, when their black parents faced social segregation and felt discriminated in the American society. What is certainly eye-catching in the movie, is the fact that majority of actors mention existence of racism in the contemporary US, which is transposed with different services, provided to the society. Thus, the fatal story raises a question whether the era launched by Martin Luther King when the majority of the population was segregated, is back or not. Some may note that similar issues still exist these days, yet in the different dimension. Therefore, while putting the Ferguson issue into the global context, one could claim that there are certain similarities between the social issues in the 20th century and now. To be even more precise, these issues are completely identical.
Consequently, even though Ferguson became an outspoken issue in the US which was reflected in different media channels, the effects of the fatal shooting was global. It is no secret that the US positions itself as a global player who respects fundamental rights and freedoms of its citizens. However, given the fatal reality proved by Michael Brown, one can also question whether the US can be an advisor on the international arena, given the fact that racial issues linked directly to human rights prevail in domestic policies. Therefore, a paradox could be noted: a country that appears to be a dictator for democracy gets trapped in its own beliefs.
The documentary also illustrates that the case of Ferguson shall not be limited to the racial issues that were noticed by the activities of a police department. While going deeper into detail, a producer notes that such issues as inequality, social injustice and equal services for all remain a question without any given answer.
Frankly speaking, the case of Ferguson undermined activities carried out by American police services. However, what yet remained silent was the fact that the US will remain the main player on the international arena. Even though some of its citizens might be critical of what is going on in the country, the reality is that politics will win over human rights. The United States have gone through the lengthy process of placing their position on the equal footing among other global actors that these days it would be mistaken to think of this case as the one that could move things in the country in a different direction.
What should be indeed considered in the future, what could be the international involvement towards the respect for human rights? The US is known as the country that fights for democracy, even by military means. Will the response by other actors be the same?

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