Annunciation Critical Analysis

Published: 2021-07-02 02:25:05
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Italian renaissance visual characteristics mostly were symmetrically balanced, good sense of mass, with a linear perspective, its media was oil, tempera and fresco these arts have a subject matter of religious scenes and classical mythology. Northern Renaissance has attention to surface detail and naturalism; its media was oil on panel it subject matter had domestic interiors with portrait and religious scenes too. My selected theme was annunciation. From the images annunciation 1 is from Italian renaissance and annunciation2 is from northern renaissance. I analyse the environment , mythology and style.
From the environment, I distinguished that annunciation 1; the scene has been depicted to be outside in contrast with 2 where it appears to be indoors in a domestic interior being the bedroom as its symbolized by the bed in the background. The angel in annunciation 1 is shown landing on grass from above and the wings still fluttering, and a backdrop of a river with boats, mountain and a line of cypress trees.This outside environment ties this annunciation 1 to the Italian renaissance and the other image to the northern since they used domestic interiors.
The mythology in annunciation 1 depicted by the angel holding a lily in his left and a sign of purity as the lady is seated in front of a small altar decorated with classical motifs depicts a classical mythology associated to art from the Italian renaissance. As the portrait in annunciation 2 shown by them hanging on the wall, on the roof and placed on stands in the room depicting it from the northern renaissance.
The style of painting shown in the annunciation 1 where angels wings are similar to those of birds and realistically painted also the way the clothing drapes on both angel and lady is realistic this presents a good sense of mass and balance which was associated with Italian renaissance. In annunciation 2, its more focused on naturalism depicted by an open window with a streaming of light which brings and a prominent red bed and instead of a usual convex mirror the painter used a copper medallion glinting in the background showing the attention in surface detail which was used by the northern renaissance.

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