ARM: Motivation Within an Innovative Work Environment

Published: 2021-07-10 01:10:06
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ARM Holdings PLC is one of the leading semiconductor intellectual property suppliers in the world (ARM, 2013), working to supply the research and development for companies the world over in order to work to make digital electronics cheaper and more cost efficient since 1997.
The case study looks at the motivating factors used by ARM on their employees in order to show the best ways that they are able to foster creativity and genuine results in the type of innovative environment they have setup. Global human resource management works to create a local appeal without compromising the global identity, and creating an awareness of cross cultural sensitivities in staff and managers across geographic boundaries; it is through the application of motivation theory, that ARM is able to not only work to ensure that there is cultural respect across its many offices, but is able to transform the offices themselves from a typical work environment, to a work environment that is focused on the creative, providing a form of intrinsic motivation for their employees (Business Case Studies, 2013).
The organizational change in structure originating from the ability of the employees to focus on innovation rather than a standard reporting structure has caused an increase in productivity (Business Case Studies, 2013), as employees are genuinely interested in people getting out of their way and letting them create; though the company has experienced a slight downturn in the stock market, it is slowly on the rise once more, and there have been no major conflicts that stand in the company’s way now that they have taken Google’s research and design model and applied it to their entire company, though with a bit more focus on pushing their innovations out to customers, they may see an even bigger jump in the value of the company itself.

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