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Published: 2021-06-25 07:50:05
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My fellow Romans, I am here today to inform you how history has taught us much and we have seen leaders come and go. Most of us have read about our past leaders’ history and what they did to make our lives better and at times miserable. Some reigns have been full of dictatorship that led to the deterioration of people’s lives. Artists, in particular have suffered, for the past decades and reigns. For instance, no one has stood up to neither appreciate their efforts, give them credit nor give them the freedom to express their God-given talents that has helped them earn a living and transform their meaningful carriers. My name is Leonardo da Vinci, a sculptor who comes from Italy and has traveled to most parts of the world and seen how they appreciate art and what they go through in the hands of their leaders. I must say we are lucky if not blessed with a leader who is a faithful servant for the people. Thanks to Augustus’ massive building projects, I now have a steady job; my work glorifies all of Rome, not just its leader; not all actions are for political purposes anyway. It is because of Augustus that we now have peace and we can live with our families and friends in harmony.
Augustus should be given credit for managing to control the art of this nation because of what he has done to us. To begin with, since he took power, the emperor has significantly transformed the country in many ways. A nation, which I must say was in agony for living with no peace, no prosperity no much literary achievements. However, since the vast emperor came to power, we are a changed nation we are the pride of Europe. He is our pride, our savior and servant leader. The excellent infrastructure in terms of road networks and the towns we are currently living in are worth, thanks to the efforts of the emperor. We are no longer poor; in fact, we are the wealthiest nation with the highest rate of employment and equipped with the best health facilities. The most significant poets include Vergil, Horace and Ovid became were among the best poets during that era, thanks for the support of august. One will tend to ask, why then don’t we allow him to control our art? Fellow senators and adamant tribunes, I beseech to look at the achievements Augustus made and what he supported thus see the necessity of allowing him to control the art.
Look at the beauty of Rome, if it were to be given out for marriage it would attract so many suitors; it’s the epitome of elegance. The massive buildings with the best architectural designs speak about the work of this particular emperor. He undertook a program to beautify Rome, something which is considered brilliant! Don’t you see? The beauty that we are proud of is the work of the emperor let us allow him to make art beautiful too. Look at marriages today they are excellent no one with a large family can complain about poverty or lack because he has marriage laws that incentivize large families if we allow Augustus us to have control of our art we will be the most significant city that is defined by architecture. Our art will sell beyond the boundaries of our nation; it will be the source of our wealth because I know he will transform it into gold.
In his political regime, he made us win wars like the Actium, he says “In my sixth and seventh consulships, after I had extinguished civil wars, and at a time when with universal consent I was in complete control of affairs. I transferred the republic from my power to the dominion of the senate and people of Rome” he is not selfish he takes care of the interest of people of Rome.
What then can we say, he is the only person who can bring transformation in our art, therefore, let us allow him to have the power to work for us and make our art better. Tribunes are convinced that he is a man of action, not just promises.

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