Black Panther vs. Hamlet

Published: 2021-07-12 01:30:05
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Blank Panther and Hamlet have several factors that make them similar. The concept of mortality has been explored in Hamlet as well as Black Panther. The burden of a person’s death, as well as the complications associated with life and death, are explored in Hamlet from the beginning.
Hamlet thinks about the meaning of life and how it ends after the death of his father which raises a lot of questions. The same case is evident in Black Panther where he is left in deep thoughts after his father died. According to Hamlet, death is not bad but the uncertainty of life after death is what frightens him. This makes him avoid the idea of suicide even despite being obsessed with it. In Black Panther, the life of many people is lost in the processes of fighting evil in order to restore well. However, most of the people who died fighting for the truth are honored as heroes. This similarity is important in the real situation. Death is investable and every human living thing will come to die at one point in time. This is the truth that people need to accept. However, most people fear what will happen after death because no one really has an exact answer for that despite being aware on the existence of hell and heaven.
Both Black Panther and Hamlet explores the concept of women. Only two women are present in Hamlet which helps point out the important role of women in the society. In Black Panther, a large number of women are presented with different roles including fighting alongside men in the army. This shows how the society is willing to redefine the roles initially assigned to men and women. Additionally, in Black Panther, women are given the chance to show their abilities in different fields within the society. Hamlet has two important women in his life including his mother and the women he feels in love with. But it is unfortunate that Hamlet feels that women in his life have disappointed him. In the modern societies, women have gained the courage to challenge men and pursue different and complicated tasks compared to the traditional societies. Therefore, this means that as time passes, women are actively being involved in the society and given the chance to match their standards and abilities to those of men. Generally, both films have helped show the shift of roles responsibilities of women from motherhood and taking care of women to being heroes and assuming complicated roles.
The political concept is also explored in both Black Panther and Hamlet. In Hamlet, the condition of the nation is getting weak after the death of the king which turns the country into a political chaos. Things began going sideways when a new king assumes the throne while his son’s behavior is unpredictable. The political state of the country can be connected to the mental condition of Hamlet across the film. On the other hand, the nation is shaken by the political climate whereby the rule is faced with opposition. The concept of overthrowing power is explored. The power that is seen as unfair to the society is overthrown in order to create a successful society. Politics play important role in the current world. Every aspect of peoples’ lives is usually affected by the political climate of the country. At the time when people are being exploited by leaders, a hero needs to step in and save the citizens from exploitation and bad leadership.
Culture is expressed in both Black Panther and Hamlet. First, Black Panther is known to be the first film in the Marvel movie series to mainly feature on African American culture. The setting of the movie is a country in Africa. The modern society normally sees the traditions of people of color such as the African cultures as strange. Additionally, many societies now perceive tradition to no longer exist. This has resulted in too much culture is extinct. In Blank Panther, different activities practiced by both men and women are related to the African cultures.
Many people tend to view traditions as a way of setting the society behind and the ideas gained through education have now replaced the traditional norms and values. Black Panther was able to integrate the magic and traditions of the Wakanda. The customs used in the film are also based on the traditional African way of dressing. Hamlet, on the other hand, used different aspects to explain what happens to people. Hamlet is a film used to shape the culture as well as portray theatre as a way of transforming how things are done.
In the modern world, the traditional cultures and values have been replaced by the western way of doing things. This has resulted in too many people having a difficult time reconnecting with the traditional values as well as finding pride in the tradition. Preservation of language is one important thing explored by Black Panther on the theme of culture. Many cultures are known to high value their language. Traditional values focus mainly on the interaction between people and the capability of individuals to communicate and share stories while being able to understand each other well. Even though both Black Panther may have been released in different eras, they point toward similar themes and lessons to the society. The lessons reflected in both films are important in the day to day lives of the people so as to help preserve tradition. This will help avoid focusing on the western society too much.

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