Black Women in Popular culture

Published: 2021-06-15 10:15:04
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Rihanna’s “Pour it UP” and Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” are some of the popular pop songs that demonstrate that women are not ashamed of their bodies and they are using the power of fame and money to encourage more female empowerment and the recognition of female voices in the society. Both videos exhibit the power of the female body which the two popular personalities understand that it has the power to make money and gain fame. Women have tirelessly worked to empower themselves through the use of various channels such as political influence, money and more notably, the power of fame. Rihanna’s “Pour it up” and Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” are some of the many videos that females stylize themselves in a way to avert the male gaze. The two women are doing a similar thing but the interpretation can be different. The two artists have resorted to assert their power and prove to be worth to their audience through the videos. The videos have all clear visual markers. Similar to parking an expensive car is an implication of richness, the use of female bodies by the two artists is an indication of objectification. Intentionality, which explores the motif behind the videos, helps in understanding the real message of the videos. Intentionality is important since there is no such thing as bad or good sexuality, but only the things that empower and those that disempower. However, some music videos by female musicians that appear to empower since they derive power from the aspects that are not so innately detrimental to women. The visuals in the videos demonstrates the power in sexuality, power of message, and power in self-assertion.
One of the main aspect taken into consideration in the videos is the art of producing sensual scenes that attract male gaze. Males get attracted to the female bodies of the musicians who expose themselves in a seductive manner. With no shame, exposing the bodies is a sign or an indication of empowerment and money and the freedom to do what they desire and what they believe can help them to make more money. Since money is commonly related to power in the society, with more money and fame, the two musicians are advancing the concept of female empowerment which seeks for recognition of equal treatment of women as men in the society.

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