Business Proposal: Corporate Silver Credit Wallet

Published: 2021-07-10 07:00:05
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Statement of Problem
Getting around Abuja has been a major concern, especially for drivers using personal cars, due to the heavy traffic experienced within the city. For business owners, the issue has been known to cause major upset due to the numerous meetings they have to attend regularly. As a result, most business owners moving around the city have mostly resorted to by using public transport and taxis. Red Cabs, as one of the taxi services, seeks to offer an alternative to regular taxi services.
Approach and Methodology
Red Cabs has been using Taxify and Uber Applications to offer the services, although it aims to develop its own application for the same purposes. The company looks to offer various packages of services such as the silver package, which is aimed at helping business owners to get to meetings in time. The intended approach involves crediting customers’ wallets with 10,000 nairas to help them book trips from the company directly.
Clients will always be required to top up whatever was used from their wallet after every seven days. The accounts will then require the designated authority to approve of booked trips as long as it will be on the accounts of the clients.
Registering for the packages will require that clients provide company phone numbers and emails so that they can sign in on the corporate portal. After signing in, the corporate portal would then be available within two weeks. Adding other users onto an existing wallet will only require that their photos be provided.
Schedule and Benchmarks
The company also intends to use the platform for advertising as it will be allowing business promotion for three months at no additional charges using the television screens in the vehicle to help business partners promote their businesses.
Cost and Payment
As mentioned, the package will cost clients up to 10,000 nairas every week, with top-ups made for whatever the clients will have used over the seven days. As long as the client’s wallets will have a positive balance, they will be able to book trips around the city to get to their meetings.
Red Cabs intends to provide more benefits to its users by offering cheap alternatives than the likes of Uber and Taxify. The company intends to offer up to 8% less charges than Taxify and up to 15% less than Uber. The services will also involve free WiFi for corporate customers, movies on the go, and creamy and buttered popcorn to watch the movies on the go.

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