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Published: 2021-07-04 23:40:05
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There are some places we fantasize about visiting our whole lives. After years of internet research as well as talking to those who have visited these particular places, we almost convince ourselves we know what to expect on the lucky day we finally visit one of these places. But once we actually get to visit one of these particular places, we realize every piece of information we had gathered was of little help because some places are so majestic that words do not exist to adequately describe them. I am also fortunate to visit one such place called Disneyland in California. The day I visited Disneyland, I realized some things are meant to be experienced and not described.
As soon as I entered Disneyland, I knew I am in the happiest place on the earth. Among thousands of visitors, I could not find a single expression other than that of happiness. It didn’t matter whether the visitor was a three years old kid or a grandparent in the 7th decade of his life. I even had difficulty understanding whether dads were more excited to visit Disneyland or their children. I could almost imagine some dads being grateful to have children so that they would have the perfect excuse to visit the happiest place on earth anytime they want. Pharrell Williams’ song Happy had not come out at the time of my visit to Disneyland otherwise I would have sworn Pharrell must have been inspired to write the song after his visit to Disneyland. Some say happiness is infectious and I know what they mean because even before I had taken a ride or experienced the magic of Disneyland, I was overwhelmed by sense of happiness because that is what I was surrounded by.
One of the reasons Disneyland is so popular is because the line between reality and fantasy really becomes blurry. A visit to Fantasyland is almost akin to stepping into the worlds we had only read in fairy tales. One can even fall down the rabbit hole, see Alice chasing the white rabbit, and even meet the Cheshire Cat. The visitors even get to participate in the Mad Tea Party. Those who love Dumbo can ride the Casey Jr. Circus Train or they can ride the Dumbo himself through Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride. But not all experiences are fairy tale. Visitors can also experience the dark side shown in Disney’s movies such as by opting for Snow White’s Scary Adventures. The ride involves entering Queen’s dark castle where touching the poisoned apples results in scary laugh of queen been heard. The visitors even get to see the queen though her look is more like a witch.
Anyone who wants a glimpse into the future without actually travelling through time machine should head to Tomorrowland. For those with dreams to journey into space, there is Astro Orbiter. It may be like other rides but you pass through several planets, mostly blue and red-colored, during your round trip. Innoventions introduce visitors to futuristic technologies such as dream houses which will incorporate technologies to even greater extent than they do now.
But not all want to travel to future only but instead some desire a glimpse into the past. For such fans of the past worlds, Disneyland has Frontierland where one gets to experience the life in the early years of America. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad takes visitors on a ride through mountains that reminds visitors of the famous canyon in Arizona. Mark Twain Riverboat is built exactly like the riverboats were in the early days of steam engines. One is even reminded of early Mickey Mouse cartoons upon seeing the boat and realizes why Mickey really felt like singing upon riding the boat. Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island enables visitors to see pirates in action. One of the most interesting sites is Harper’s Mill which has an attached water wheel. Upon seeing it, I almost feel like being at an English countryside in 19th century England.
Disneyland is not just a place to ride but there is something for everyone. Even those with taste for culture and arts won’t be disappointed because there are music and theatrical performances. Those with love for food would also find out that there is no shortage of restaurants some of whom even turn food into art.
One of the things I loved most about Disneyland is the fact that the admission ticket entitles one to enjoy all of the attractions with certain limitations. This is a very good policy because it cleverly combines one’s desire for unlimited fun with an opportunity for unlimited fun. In other words, Disneyland has really mastered the art of creating and fulfilling dreams.
Even after visiting Disneyland, my hunger for another visit is an intense as it was prior to the first visit. Happiness is really addictive and no one understands happiness as well as Disneyland. Disneyland is for people of all ages and of all cultures. Disneyland is an invitation to enjoy and dream together. Now that I think of it, I do have one complain with Disneyland, i.e. why they have not developed Disneyland elsewhere in America? Why do only the people in California and Florida get to have all the fun? Happiness should not be a monopoly but rather be spread everywhere.

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