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Published: 2021-06-30 15:35:05
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Part I: Phil Gingrey (Republican) and Michelle Nunn (Democratic)
Political or campaign websites are designed or developed with a clear focus on winning or convincing the voting society. US is amongst nations which have gone ahead with regards to the usage of technology through social media to steer effective campaigns. Candidates from the two political sides in the US have found the use of websites as one of the most operative ways of reaching the voters. Gingrey and Nunn are some of the candidates who already kicked their campaigns through serious use of political or campaign websites as they are commonly referred. From the design or sections established in the websites, it is clear that each and every candidate is focused on passing clear message to the voter at ones or with little efforts of interpretation. From the choice of information posted on the sites, every candidate is communicating a specific message. The message selected by all the two candidates is acting as the introductory part in all the sites. This clearly points out the fact that all political candidates must always design strategies to help market the candidature.
Starting with Phil Gingrey�s website, a lot can be picked from the design of this website. The first aspect or element of this political website is based on the simple and high level of organization which gives all the voters visiting the site clear direction on where to find the kind of information they need. Gingrey has started or opened the website campaign by a clear opposition of the Obamacare policy. From this first site or introductory message, one tends to believe or adapt the perception that Gingrey is better placed to come with a better policy to change the medical status of US citizens. The designers of Gingrey�s site were more concern about the full introduction of the candidate. Candidate introduction which entails the background from family, education and professional operation is one area which has failed many candidates. This is because many candidates in US political history have faced challenges regarding personal lives or background. It is on this basis that the Gingrey�s website has a section of BIO information or data which is meant to help the voters understand candidate better. Gingrey�s campaign website is designed with major political strategies which are expected to help market Gingrey as a worthy candidate. The message opposing the Obamacare policy is clearly linked to the fact that Gingrey is a doctor or member of the medical profession has more concerns and clear strategies of improving the medical policies of the country through the senate. It is on this basis that Gingrey through his website believes that sending a doctor to the senate will be finding a solution to the health policies.
The designer of this website is very much aware of the political rivalry between the two camps. This can be seen from a clear attack on the democrats by opposing the Obamacare, which was clear supported the Democrats in the previous election. However, the attacks deployed by this political or campaign sites are far from targeting individuals, Gingrey opposition or attack on Obamacare is a fight against another idea which is what is expected by the voters. Apart from the introduction and the main message, Gingrey�s campaign website is also designed wit the aim of passing the policies. It is this basis that Gingrey has provided the NEWS section of the website as a way of updating the voters or supporters on various issues or policy guiding his campaign for the senate. Gingrey is also concerned about involving the supporters in discussion through website which has led to the establishment of issues section to bring on board issues touching on the citizens of discussion from the section provided in the site it is clear that Gingrey is aiming at reaching the people from in all aspects of the society.
Michelle Nunn�s website has simplicity and clear direction required by voter. The designer this site was much concern with providing the voters with clear information on her candidature. Just like Gingrey Nunn has an opening political or campaign message. Nunn comes in with a powerful message of no more government shutdowns. This is one message marketing Nunn as an industrious candidate focused on steering economy development through the senate. As opposed to Gingrey, Nunn has fewer sections in the website. These sections include Michelle�s Story, ideas, get involved and news. The story section is meant to provide the voter with clear information about Nunn�s background from the family to professional. This is one section which aimed at allowing the voter evaluate the capability of Nunn to successful steer development through senate. Nunn is also focused on getting ideas and telling the supporters the plans and ideas she has in place, this explains the reason or purpose for the idea section of the website. Like Gingrey, Nunn is determined on involving the people in discussing various issues. Get involved section is clearly meant to bring in the vote or ensure participation through website discussion. Nunn also gives news updates through the website which shows the determination to serve the citizen both outside and inside the senate.
Although Gingrey and Nunn have designed different websites in terms of message and sections of discussion, one point that pops up clearly is the fact that the sites are focused on political marketing. Any other political marketing or campaign is expected to lay attacks on the ideas of the rivals as away of gaining much support or entry. Both Gingrey and Nunn are focused on pointing out the failures of opposing camps and pointing out their ability to improve such situation from their professional, political and patriotic wing.
Part II: Washington-based interest group or advocacy organization
US politics involves various groups or organizations aimed at promoting transparency during and after the campaigns. The advocacy group is one the major groups which remained focused and concerned on providing counselling and other assistance in the government relations and public affairs. This group advocates for political campaigns or operations which steer good relations leaving the government in the best position of ensuring state security and other important elements of the government. According to this group, politics should be allowed to take over important aspects of the government; the groups leadership is of the opinion that politicizing everything might put the country or a region into a poor state hence he need to advocate for ethical or lawful political campaigns. This group is more concern with international political and business connection of the US. It is on this basis that it takes the initiative of giving guidelines or providing information on the need to maintain these links or connections despite heated political campaigns. As part of the entire US society, this group follows the campaigns keenly with keen analysis of the messages or slogans adopted by politicians and their impacted on the economies development. This shows the concern of the group to towards one nation politics or no politics.

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