Can A Park Statue Destabilize Northeast Asian Regional Relations?

Published: 2021-07-12 03:50:05
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The Park statue concept incepted in the North East Asian country is one of the mechanisms that have been incepted towards ensuring a regional biodiversity corridor pre-exists in the region. The main aim of the park was to preserve and consequently maintain biological property falling within the demilitarized area. These areas are impeccably preserved in the locale are prohibited to civilians. To sum it up, the essence of the park peace and statue as a whole was to bring out peace, maintain history, and promote culture and ecology. It was a widely held perception that the peace statue would bring forth a new model for reconciliation and cooperation of both the North and South regions as a reunification technique.
The idea of having a park statue was conceptualized decades ago. The park statue proposal is not only refreshing but also interesting especially with regard to the prevailing regional situation. It is time the confrontation between North and South Korea be put to rest (Brady, p.98). However, although this is a good initiative, the Southern region can’t help but think about what other parties (third parties) such as the United Nations, the United States of America etc. would perceive of the front. China is a great power that has played a pertinent role in the regional politics whether geopolitical or historic. To this effect, China has been on the frontline advocating for a peace par in order to foster relationships between North and South Korea.
Although China has been focusing on global strategy, it should be noted that the country has been an ardent advocate for peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula, notably working on the park statue project. The successful completion would be highly beneficial to the regions peace and bring about stability in many of its endeavors. An important aspect that the park statue hopes to elicit is providing for a platform that will allow for dialogue and building trust between the two countries. This is a significant undertaking in resolving issue that are pertinent and related to trans-boundary and substantially reduce tension among conflict zones.
The park statue initiative would only be admissible and successful when North and South Korea cease to think as autonomous parties and start constituting themselves with respect to the other (Brady, p.95).Unity is an imperative aspect. In these circumstances, the park statue not only acts as a buffer but also a path to cooperation. Brady, (p.96) explores that unless the peace statue concept is promoted and elicited in a sensitive manner and in an approach that concerns the interests and concerns of both countries, the proposals may not go through and may have an adverse effect on trust among both parties.
The DMZ peace park concept is a very key and sensitive aspect in the future relations of the country. At a grand strategic level, the two countries should be encouraged to work together towards achieving full reconciliation. The other parties, as aforementioned, should be able to welcome proposals from both countries that are aimed at achieving peaceful negotiations within the North East Asia peninsula. It has been observed that North Korea is not quite open to the idea as compared to the south. It is imperative to take note that North Korea’s reluctance does not mean that there exists a construed relationship between the two regimes.

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