Changes In The Cities: Example Of Dubai

Published: 2021-06-22 22:45:06
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The following explanation is about the changes that occur in cities and the reasons for the changes. Such developments bring in benefits that encompass the general improvement of life and status of the citizens. A good example is the city of Dubai that has changed in the last decade in terms of particular development and raised the living standards for the locals and visitors alike.
Cities change due to the demographics and the influx of people that affects livelihood and the city environments. The increase in population density impacts many aspects of the cities and the major ones include the transport system, Medicare, schooling system among other social amenities. Cities also transform to accommodate technological progress and enhance growth through the benefits obtained. Technology brings progress, which when adopted into the city-systems such as infrastructure, management, and expansion ideas, and designs can provide very brilliant solutions to a myriad of problems or issues.
It is beneficial to live in large urban areas as opposed to rural areas due to the inherent progressiveness that is normal in the cities. Some of these are the transport facilities, which are usually very much developed and with variety of vehicles to choose from. Cities provide physical comforts and entertainment in many ways and the people have many choices on the weather conditions they can enjoy by use of coolers, fans, air-conditioning among others. Cities have better schools and colleges than the country side in most instances and contain clubs, cinema halls, and theatres in most locations. Living in cities trains one to be diverse and tolerant as they meet many foreigners and interrelate with them, thus enjoy increased opportunities for jobs and making friends, which help wear off superstitions and prejudices.
To put in detail, the benefit of social amenities is significant when living in a city. Urban areas have many and highly improve facilities including well equipped schools with facilities and better teachers. Higher learning institutions at the tertiary have modern equipment and developed well for research and technical capacities. Life in the city is convenient as shopping malls provide commodities to shoppers at all times and can house proper medical facilities available at all times. There are better recreation areas and facilities in the city including parks, museums, sightseeing spots that help people relax and enjoy. Again, excellent communication networks and facilities ensure that life is even more pleasant in the city. There are numerous chances for employment and income consistency guarantee by the virtue of living in the city as opposed to the rural areas due to available potentials located in cities including the multiple offices, factories, shopping complexes among others.
Dubai is one city in the world that has had tremendous changes in the last ten years. The skyline especially has transformed so much from what was one a desert to the vast expansions witnessed today. There are many malls such as the Dubai mall, and the mall of emirates providing world class shopping experiences to the visitors. Changes occurred in the transportation sector with the building of the terminal 3 in the Dubai airport, which is the largest floor space in the world and making Dubai airport one of the busiest airports in the world. Another transport improvement is the global village and the improvements of emirates road site that is able to attract more than five million visitors in one year. Tourism and economy has also been boosted by the building of the Burj Khalifa that started in 2004 and completed in 2009 and it became an iconic building for the city. Access to classy and world class restaurants, shops and the technology has also improved very much of the new Dubai making it the choice city for man visitors in the last decade.
It is beneficial to live in the city of Dubai because it is very multicultural and most people living in the city are expats from outside nations that migrated for job or tourism. This can increase a person’s global awareness and lead to understanding of other cultures. The development of the airport has made it a convenient hub to becoming and gateway to the world making flights possible from and to many locations. Lastly, the city’s glamour make is a cool destination due to the nice hotels, fashion outlets, many celebrities visit the city, brands and the hot weather make it a city with exciting outdoor activities all year round.

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