Classical and Jazz Music

Published: 2021-06-16 14:00:05
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Classical Music:One important feature of classical music is that it has traditionally excluded non-musical elements such as words, pictures, or actions; as such, classical music seeks to evoke human emotion purely through musical elements. Through the use of multiple instruments, complicated scores and arrangements, and layered harmonies, classical composers instead invoke different emotions and responses through the complexity of the sound the produce.
Because it combines mathematical precision with a lack of concrete explanation, classical music invites listeners to enjoy an aesthetic experience which is nevertheless unique to themselves: without words or narrative to mediate emotions, each listeners response can be personal to him or herself. In other words, classical music bypasses the need for definition and signification, allowing listeners to directly access their emotions. This music emphasizes the human values of striving for perfection, and overcoming the material world, and reveals the human condition as one of both isolation and connectedness through the shared experience of beauty which is nevertheless individually interpreted.
Jazz Music:
Unlike classical music, Jazz music is founded upon the principle that music should be free, fluid, and improvised, rather than rigidly structured, precise, and unchanging. While a classical composition will always produce identical note-by-note performances, a jazz composition will be unique in each performance as the players improvise, riff, and work with one another to produce a new sound each time. Jazz had also developed as a diverse musical genre: it has drawn influences from many different eras, cultures, and people over time. This style of music is democratic and social in nature, both for the musicians and the audience members, due to the many influences it draws on and the style of playing involved. Because it relies on group improvisation, it is also all about team-work. It therefore emphasizes human values such as respect, effort, creativity, flexibility, and intuition. It suggests that change and adaptation are fundamental aspects of the human condition.

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