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Published: 2021-06-27 20:20:04
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The purpose for my research is to grasp the great effects of technology on one overall health. From vision, hearing and posture technology not only does it affect our lives but also our health in a negative way. However, technology also has effects that impact our health in a positive way by engaging people to exercise and promotes healthy eating.
Johansson, Ann E E, Maria A Petrisko, and Eileen R Chasens. “Adolescent Sleep And The Impact Of Technology Use Before Sleep On Daytime Function.” Journal Of Pediatric Nursing (2016): MEDLINE. Web. 17 July 2016.
This journal summarizes the negative effects of using technology before bed. Many subjects showed that using technology right before bed has a great correlation to daytime drowsiness and sluggishness. Most adolescents either did not get adequate sleep or rest to feel refreshed during the day. That also has great effects on daytime physical activity or lack there of. Also interruption of sleep has been an issue that caused not enough rest.
Crawford, Tracy. “Mental Health Matters: How Technology Can Affect Your Mental Health.” Mental Health Matters: How Technology Can Affect Your Mental Health. The Morning Sun, 17 Aug. 2011. Web. 17 July 2016.
The increased amounts of children exposed to technology has also had negative effects on children’s mental health. According to the article psychotropic medications have tripled for 2-4 year olds and have found that more and more children are being diagnosed with new mental diseases every day. Bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and autism are a few of mental diseases children are getting diagnosed with. Numerous children are spending less face-to-face time with other children and are in isolation which increases the chances of mental disorders forming.
Holmes, Lindsay. “Sneaky Ways Technology Is Messing With Your Body And Mind.” The Huffington Post., 05 Dec. 2014. Web. 17 July 2016. 
This article highlights an array of physical and mental health problems that are cause by technology. Cellphone use is a leading cause to irregular posture and neck strain. Cellphone use also causes problems with vision problems. Another health issue is sperm count in men that use their laptops on their laptop for numerous hours or carry their cellphone in their pockets. Also bacteria that is carried on cellphones is also a main cause for blemishes on skin and spread of eczema.
Problematic internet and cell-phone use: Psychological, behavioral, and health correlates
Cristina Jenaro , Noelia Flores , María Gómez-Vela , Francisca González-Gil , Cristina Caballo 
Addiction Research & Theory 
Vol. 15, Iss. 3, 2007
This study shows the different effects of technology on college students. Many college girls are being diagnosed with insomnia, anxiety and different health disorders that are linked to technology. Many college students are having panic attacks and mental disorders that not linked from stress but lack of quality rest. Looking at screen for long periods of time can strain your vision and greatly damage your posture and spine. Also media that is also at an easier access is also effecting teenage girls for body image and perception.
Loop, Erica. “Exposing the Negative Effects of Technology on Kids.” Our Everyday Life. Our Everyday Life, 2016. Web. 17 July 2016. .
Technology is also a leading factor on the increase of obesity. Lack of physical fitness is directly connected to being in front of a screen for long periods of time. Children are the ones being greatly affected by technology’s role in childhood obesity. Also media that is being projected on these screens is also a huge cause of obesity.

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