Critical Research Paper of the Novel Pride and Prejudice

Published: 2021-06-30 23:20:04
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The book is written just in the same line with the other books from Austen. The tonal variations are identifiable and the use of the literal tools is well pronounces and sound. The reading of the book deems more appealing to the ears and the author gets to notice this in the expression of the satirical component of the works.
The Link to the Title
In the novel pride and Prejudice, Austen, the author of the novel points out the effects of pride in the lives of key characters in the novel. It is due to the pride that Darcy owns forever anything is reflected about him that his proposal to marry Elizabeth. He is taken to be a man of great delight in his heart and no one, even his fiancée do like him for that. His proposal id rebuked by the person he proposes to and a sparkling discussion originates (Siegert, 110). Pride is seen to be a personality tool that kills his own desires. It is developed from his heart and the cost of such pride is seen to be detrimental to him. He is set to lose almost all the precious gifts in life for that reason.
From the novel, it is very subtle that one can lose all that was to be good and positive to him/her due to pride and prejudice. These are seen to be the factors that cause grief oneself. Darcy is getting outcast from the lives of those whom he thinks are the best to be around with. His fiancée feels disgusted at his intent to cause misery in the life of her sister and her pal’s happiness. For every statement he person says, he is taken to be a joker and a person that discriminates others. The prejudice sets a profile that the person cannot be linked with the others in the society (Morden, 12).
The Theme of Marriage
As the novel; begins, there is a notice which is aired to the audience and is meant to alert the readers on the possible things to expect in the novel. This notice says that whenever a man can prove his worth and is single in possession of good kismet, he has to look for a wife and get married. This message showed the impact of the opposite sex relationship in the lives of the people in this community. This opening statement gives the marriage motivation of the novel. In the marriage instances, in the novel, marriage becomes more of economic activity than social related value and activities (Morden, 12).
Darcy proposes to Elizabeth that he is willing, ready and committed to getting married to her. His major intention is to have her for a lifetime as a wife. As the scene vanishes amid many touching information in the novel, Lydia and Wickham get persuaded to get married. They are satisfied with their situation and both of them is contented with the other and this lead to the foundation of the agreement to get married. Mr. Collins also comes with the idea of getting married though this is silent, he admires Elizabeth and proposes to weigh them out and decide to never be single. This is the man who is to inherit Mr. Bennets estate upon his death. Collins gets possessed with loving Elizabeth and never forgets to follow her place after place (Gao, 384).
The Theme of Class
The class divisions in the novel are what caused the exhibition of the pride and prejudice, which is the title of the novel. Class is often covered in the novel as the possible cause of the actions of key characters in the novel. As it is all visible and evidential, Darcy comes from a more better with higher levels of affluence as compared to others. For this reason, he gains and owns a lot of pride and prejudice in his life. He neglects others due to the high living standards in the society. He mimics the interests and passion to being love with Elizabeth while, in real sense, he disregards all these. This is based on the class that he was in and thus the pride in himself (Siegert, 110).
In the marriage market, money plays a role in the market. This is to include even in the marriage market. In these societies, the marriage process involved the generation and expression of factors of interests in each other. In order to have a woman of means, the men had to have money. Money was the means through which women could be enticed due to assurance that all she may need is present and provided for by the man. Money also plays a role in the definition of class and prejudice. The prejudice is a factor in determining the social and economic class in the region. The marrying of a lady from a well-off family will mean the relationship with the desire of high family (Gao, 384).
The novel was written and published in a style in which the entire article was free from direct quotes. It involves the free representation of the character’s speech and the words resembled the thoughts of the character who is the subject. The article is written with gentle satire as the tone is soft and appealing to the reader (Mullen , 19). The author also uses a lot of stylistic devices in the writing such as metaphors. For instance, when Darcy approaches Elizabeth for a proposal in marriage, the classes between the two totally differ and it was a tease of joke at Elizabeth.

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