Dramatic Scene with Wolf in “Souls on Ice”

Published: 2021-07-08 15:20:04
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1. The night has almost come. The edges of the pines disappeared in winter’s darkness, and inevitability of the fight was stiffened in the air. Two wolves met in the meadow to fight and prove the dominance of the one. Staring at each other lasted for long tortuous minutes, while the grins of both became more and more horrendous. In a moment, the sun eloped over the horizon, and a circular dance of two wolves began. Each circle brought more tension between the opponents. A tedious wait was broken up with the first aggressive spurt made by the white wolf. His sharp teeth crashed into the black wolf’s back, and strong paws pushed him on the snow. But no pain was showed. The black wolf pushed the white away, and the cyclical motion continued. Only the blood on the black back confirmed the aggression and severity of fighting. Vicious growl became louder against the total silence of the night forest. When anxiety reached its peak, the black wolf jumped to grab the throat of the white enemy, but missed crucially. Taking advantage of the moment, the white wolf attacked the black as furious as he could. In a couple minutes, nothing can be seen except the snow clouds on the moonlight. Combative growl alternated with the howl, and that was the only evidence of pain felt by the predators. The snow became red, and the color of the opponents occurred indistinguishable. A solid silence of the winter night highlighted the sufficiency of this fighting. Nothing could be more important, than fighting of two wolves, lasted for minutes. The powerful beasts fought for the dominance of nature in every living creature. The more intense the fight occurred, the less fear it brought. The blood of the beasts turned into the blood of the whole Universe, who fought with the wolves as well. Finally, the white wolf jumped back and left the moonlit meadow slowly. Bloody black wolf laid down in the snow, licking the paws as nothing happened before. Only the damaged flesh and the scars on the beasts’ faces would remind this night fighting.
2. The scene of two wolves’ fighting appears to be closely connected with the essay Souls on Ice by Mark Doty. Depicting the process of creating a poem, the author of this essay reveals the essence of anxiety, exhilaration, and fear similar to what an observer may feel looking at the beasts’ fight. As the essay points, it is not a simple task to distinguish one thing from another. It appears to be the same, when looking at the wolves, whose cruel fighting seems to be playing as well. The fighting, depicted in the scene above, experiences the same development “from evocation to meditation” (Doty 2) and terrific exhilaration faced by the author while he creates a poem. The beasts’ fighting goes through a definite sequence of anxiety development, as well as the poem improves in a poet’s mind. The cyclical dance of the wolves before fighting is similar to the poetic rhythm, as both reveal the heightening tension of the plot. Alternation of the short lines with the long ones is similar to jumping and sprinting used by the wolves to strike and bites an opponent. As well as the poem strives to express the poet’s soul and a particular “heaven” of his inner world, the wolves’ fighting reveals the natural order of things and the triumph of the natural essence. The final stanza is the most important for the poet, while the final moment of the fighting shows its result and true purpose. No murder was committed, as the beast fight to play and train their skills. As well as the poem discusses the human identity, the scene of fighting expresses the identity of nature and the solidity of its soul.

Doty, Mark. “Souls on Ice.” Academy of American Poets. Web. https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/text/souls-ice

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