Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks

Published: 2021-07-09 07:35:05
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Coffee has become a big part of our daily lives and getting coffee on the go is perhaps one of the most common rituals on busy weekdays. While variety of places one can get their usual cup of coffee from continues to grow, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks remain the leaders of the market. As these two brands often compete for our dollars, taking a closer look at their operations is important. While both brands have their loyal customers, it appears that Starbucks is a better choice because of their environmental policies, socially responsible corporate values, and overall pleasant experience it offers along with their product.
As environment becomes an important concern for all of us, it is important that the habitual brands are environmentally responsible. While both brands declare their commitment to reducing their footstep, Dunkin Donuts has not done much. Namely, they still serve coffee in non-recyclable Storyfoam cups (Johnson). At the same time, Starbucks have switched to recyclable cups that that contain a larger percentage of post-consumer materials and promote use of reusable cups. Hence, from environmental perspective, Starbucks is a better choice.
Secondly, Starbucks appears to be a more socially responsible brand. While both brands have noble values stated on their mission pages, Starbucks’ mission statement conveys a more personalized message (“Our Mission”). Furthermore, Starbucks actually holds true to its values by opting for fair trade coffee, and taking an active position on social and political matters.
Lastly, it is not easy to objectively compare how does the coffee served by Dunkin Donats and Starbucks taste. However, Starbucks offers more customization options, high-speed WiFi, and generally more pleasant coffee shop experience than Dunkin Donats does (Downie).
Drawing conclusions, Dunkin Donats and Starbucks both are popular brands with their loyal customers. However, having compared these brands by criteria of friendliness towards the environment, social responsibility, and the quality of experience they offer, Starbucks appears to be a more responsible and pleasant choice.

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