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Published: 2021-06-17 09:00:05
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Various learning institutions have gradually embraced the use to modernized education. Advancement in technology has brought a lot of transformation in the educational system .Technology aided education has had both positive and negative impacts on learning. The positive gains are more than the negatives that have led to many educational institutes adopting the use of technology (Selwyn, 2011). Currently, there are many countries using technology in schools and universities as part of their curriculum to enhance efficiency in their education systems. In earlier days, most institutions faced hurdles concerning the use of technology from conservative individuals. But with the gains and achievements brought about by technology use most stakeholders are embracing the combination of technology and education.
Developing countries have also adopted the use of technology in their education systems because of the positive effects that result from its use.
Technology aided education has had several benefits both for teachers and students. All the parties in the education system have access to a lot of material that help them improve in their respective areas. Because of technology teachers can partner and share resources and ideas online. They can communicate with other teachers in different parts of the world and share their experiences. Sharing of information enables them to refine their work, enhance their practice and eventually provide students with appropriate packages. Technology has enabled teachers to be more efficient, they can easily monitor the progress of students using different platforms.
Furthermore, tools such as wide-screen television, projectors and audio-visual presentations have improved learning in schools. Teachers can deliver more, and the level of comprehension among students is increased. Technology also gives students an opportunity to develop valuable skills at a young age. Technology has made it easier to access information. Students can get quality information that has often proved useful in learning. Some time back it was unimaginable that one could get any new information without moving from one location to another. Students had to spend a lot of time in libraries writing academic papers or reports. Today information is easily accessible on the internet and is way more convenient. The students who have used technology learn at a quicker rate compared to the ones that do not. Use of technology in education has made online learning a credible option. Student interaction with teachers on one on one basis is important; however some students function better when they work on their own and at their pace. The internet has increased the popularity of distance learning in many countries. The traditional conventional methods of learning have been supplemented by the virtual techniques. Online classes are flexible enabling students to maintain a schedule that is convenient for them. Online learning has made it possible for individuals to combine education and work. Technology also makes learning enjoyable. It is not easy for instructors to engage students in learning. They, however, enjoy when teachers incorporate the use of the available technological tools. Touch screens and projectors make classes more interesting and enhance interaction.
There have been a lot of developments in the 21st century since the inception of technology use in education. Technology is becoming more integrated into today’s society and our everyday lives. The rapid adoption of different technological innovations has changed the way knowledge is passed on in different learning platforms. Integrating technology in the classroom has helped in preparing students for the complex world they will face in their future engagements. A majority of children know how to use current technology such as a tablet, phones, and computers even video games. To educate children by what they prefer or like to do is one of the best ways to effectively pass on information.

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