Facing The Reality Of School Shootings

Published: 2021-06-26 04:05:05
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School shooting is one of parents’ biggest fears, and it’s getting scarier with every accident. The article “Facing the Reality of School Shootings” provides painful statistics on school shootings within the last four years and presents professional opinions on the matter.
Shooting at Sandy Hook (Current Event # 1) became a tragic event, that created a ton of inquiries and conveyed a chain of social issues to the new level. Violence in video games and gun control laws became the questions of highest importance, and although they didn’t get a definite solution, police officers got to be present in almost all elementary schools. The author appeals to the idea that parents should also think about their kids education in this question, and teach them how to behave in such situations. He noted, that “we, as parents, do have an obligation to protect our children whether that means caring for them on a daily basis or becoming educated about issues in an attempt to bring about legislative changes” (Medini, 2016).
Within the last 4 years the number of school shooting is only increasing, and it seems like society is getting usual with it. The article is not supporting any point of view regarding this chain of shootings, but it provides clear statistics and relevant data for a reader to form his own opinion regarding the problem. I support the idea that bringing up this issue ought to help us to maintain a strategic distance from such tragedies in future, as individuals need to educate themselves; gun control is one of the possible solutions, but it deals with results, not with an issue itself. Nowadays experts in the field offer various solutions regarding this problem, some of which are very contradicting (gun laws strengthen vs arming the schools). But I believe that working with professional psychologists could help much more, as they could check first warning sings in mental health and prevent the problem.

Medini, S. (2016). Facing the Reality of School Shootings. The Huffington Post. Retrieved 22 September 2016, from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shari-medini/facing-the-reality-of-sch_b_10340326.html

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