Globalization and Clothing Industry

Published: 2021-07-08 14:50:05
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The increasing population and the economic developments in large parts of the world are leading to an ever-increasing use and adopt the current trends of style. Globalisation has impacted many nation in various ways not only economically, socially, politically and environmentally but also culture, security, exchange, transport between different nation and countries. However, there is the major impact in manufacturing products such as in clothing and fashion industry. People are adopting the new changes in the each and every industry. However, clothing and fashion industry people are moving for the new trends in fashion.
Since the sixteenth century western culture has been “global” after the that in early 1980 there were lots changes happened in the global. These days we can see lots of changes are happening in the fashion and cloth industry. However, through the production, distribution, selling and marketing channels globalisation affected the clothing and fashion. One of the mean reason of the globalisation which is impact the fashion and clothing industry that keep updating through the old and new like television, radio, advertisement, flyers, newspapers, and the current trend is internet, mobile etc. These days’ western countries influence and dominate the people way of the thinking, dressing, choose fashion trends and brands. So, the people are less to choose the cloth for themselves and more are attracted and influence to the logo and cooperate brands such as Adidas, Nike, Gucci, Channel, Gstar or Abercrombie & Fitch. The consumers are fascinated with cool trends, brands and fantasy images or logo after the globalization. A great impact of internet, television, radio, films, fashion industry, music and fashion images in magazine they speed their way around county and world also across the culture and borders however it’s called “global style”, which is influence and impacted in the fashion industry. It is make everyone to everywhere can consumer there their fashion style as blue lavish jeans, Nike shoes with Abercrombie & Fitch shirt to New York to village in Africa. In wealth countries, all the fashion is under one roof. Like fashion, culture, age, gender, style etc.
Meanwhile in the marketing campaign also encourage the fashion and cloth industry to full fill the people needs, wants creativity, individual fulfilment, economic and financial revenue. After the globalisation, many develop countries moved their manufacturing and services to the developing countries, because the main reason is cost cutting and cheap labour compare to the other develops country. The global assembly line most of the large companies manufactured thought outsourcing or off shoring or contract or subcontract to manufacture their own goods to choose to work with low wages environment. However, they make large profit and do the cost cutting in the sweatshop countries like Bangladesh, Thailand, Romania, china, Mexico, Nepal etc. these days’ internet like modern communication help to spread the information all the world. Its makes the people to make their own choice in their cloth and fashion industry what they want and choice their fashion trend. Globalization helps for the clothing and fashion industry exchange the ideas, information and new technology innovation which demands for the products. In the past brand, only for the high-class people, limited edition and not belong to the everyone but the global condition is changing people are adopted the trend and accepted as they are. Because globalization makes the revolution in the clothing and new trend in the fashion industry. Its makes self-improvement with people who want make the changes in their fashion style.
When we compare to the last ten years, in the fashion industry globalisation has impact a lot in many ways. However, the global retails such as Prada, Michael kors, channel, and Gucci which they take one step further in Asian country to experienced and made success in their fashion industry. Fashion industry people made success who adopted the cross culture, marketing trend, strategy, brand and target market. Those who want to enter the global market must to understand their culture and styles will help to achieve their fashion and clothing industry. Studying the consumers and their life style is important aspect for the global retails to make success. Asian country is the target market for the leading luxury brands for the global retails. However, globalization makes easy path to enter the all the world. Before enter the global market, they must to know and the understand the cultures different with each county. Its will help in the fashion industry when they enter the global market makes them successful.
In 1996 at reebok factory, employees are making shoes. Since the early 1980, globalization has influence in the clothing and fashion industry. In early twenty first century, almost every companies move their factory to outsource to cheapest country. However, outsourcing affecting many local industries badly like in china they make the brand clothing without the minimum wages and sweatshop. Globalization dominate the fashion and clothing industry all the world to reach the people. It has been reducing the communication and reducing the cost of transporting all the place after globalization. Compare to the nowadays it’s have been increased the production and adopt to the new trend to the fashion and clothing industry. Through the internet everyone in the world same time they have been experience different culture all the world. Globalisation help for the economy development in the fashion and clothing industry through the internet, that anyone from any location they can buy the cloths without time limited. In the past, there is no online facility to buy or sell their cloths through the internet to the diversity nation. However, these days’ people can choose their fashion trends and clothing brands anywhere from anytime to through the internet. Globalisation influence the clothing industry to develop the economy all the world. New trend after the globalisation in the fashion and clothing industry called “Fast Fashion” till now in the fashion market. There are lots of fast fashion brand industry which is offer quality fashion trends with reasonable price. Clothing industry most the time use the three key methods which are marketing campaign like advertising, second one adopt the new trendy design and the last one lower price. First of all, in the globalisation we going to make the comparison between Abercrombie & Fitch and H&M.
Abercrombie & Fitch
Everyday companies are going global all around the world. However, they look for higher incentives and revenues, profit, competing against other companies to get more income and market value shares or they were forced to act because their competing companies are become globalizing. There are lots of reason go for global such as look for the opportunities in the global market, offshoring, developing technology all the world, entry to the foreign market, satisfy the customers need and wants in the global market mainly in the cloths industry, become global in their business etc.
Abercrombie&Fitch is the one of the most brand famous teenage American store, and more than 1100 stores, with its 118 year and five different brands all over the world. However, they made a big revolution in the teenage-fashion and popularity in the global market.
Its popularity and specifically – hire the model and good looking people, their own perfume, own style for clothing, fashionable- adopt the new market trend –target people makes A&F a status symbol.
Abercrombie & Fitch creates their global name all over the world, which is reflect yourself as a teen age features even if you are too old for this brand such as friend ship, playfulness, etc. These days A & F created the flame and become famous.
Abercrombie & Fitch was founded in 1892 in New York by David T. Abercrombie. In the beginning, one and only store located in lower Manhattan to sold outdoor and sporting equipment. However, they know it what they want to deliver to their customers. A & F using their marketing strategy to sell their men, women and children call their sell causal luxury style to everyone. Their main target group been teenagers and adopt the new fashion and deliver what they what to the new trend. They always deliver what their customers want in the clothes industry, full fill their customers’ demands in the cloths industry one of the reason to key to success. If they cannot satisfy the customers meets, it is difficult to enter to the global market. Abercrombie & Fitch mainly focus their customers’ demands and deliver what they want. Also, when they enter in to the global market they need to face the lot of challenges such as tax, revenue, often control by the government, meets rules and regulation, languages, employee’s contribution are one of the reason to leave the county. In this point of the view in the beginning Abercrombie & Fitch face the difficultly but they become stable in the global market. Abercrombie &Fitch is the on the luxury brand store for mainly target group is for teenagers, they expanded for all over the world mainly in the US and Canada but also in the, all over the Europe and Asia. Using the high-quality material such as prima cotton, leather and cashmere and normally they do not do so much advertising like the traditional method as campaign, television advertisement, flyers etc.
But they do mouth to mouth talk to their customers. When you to their store always receive the warm welcome with their employees who are young and very good looking appearance which is easy to attract the teenagers. Globalisation make them one step further to enter the global market, enter their brand retail store global.
Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch who is talk about the philosophy about the company which is based on: in our store, we only hire the good-looking people, only the good people can attract the other good looking people, we want the market cool and attract with good looking people, we only want in the market, more than that we don’t want anything. One of the other reason they think different other than clothing retail company. Even before when they enter the global market they faced lots of law sued problems such as: discrimination against the ethic as hired only the white Americans, racist against the gender and disability discrimination.
In the beginning of the 2008 the revenue is increasing but the after the crises started profit was decreasing due to the recession, however in late 2009 they market shares due to the competitors make low price but they still keep the high price for their cloth brand. However, their luxury and brand name created the one step more to easily enter to the international market. Globalisation help for the foreign market improve and increase their opportunities. Abercrombie & Fitch even in the recession time they don’t want to cut their price in their cloths because it can lead to damage their luxury image, so slowly expansion international market help them to keep their price stable.
Therefore, going global in the foreign market more opportunities and less competitors in the European market and motives Abercrombie & Fitch’s globalization.
Globalization in the H&M
H&M is the one of the famous store in the clothing industry all the world. Nowadays they have stores in 35 countries across the world to affordable price and new trend fashion style to everyone can buy. Each year their main goal is increase the and expand the sales in to ten to fifteen percent. We are in the global culture and H&M offer a fashion, quality and stylish clothing with best price everyone can affordable to buy it.
However, in their clothing and fashion retail industry still are in success and making profit on it. One of the main reason their business is outsourcing with experience retail contractors. Which its help to make the cost cutting in the lots of ways. So, they can give the outcome to their customer’s good price and quality clothing.
After the globalisation, many of the international brand fashion retail company move to do their business in the offshoring and outsourcing due to the current completion. On the other hand of the globalization we all heard about the sad stories about the Dacca, Bangladesh which country they did offshoring and outsourcing make the cloth for H&M. So, they transfer the business to Asia like Bangladesh to give the subcontract. when they receiving their outcome with good quality and quantity most of the time they close their eyes. So, its lead to extreme disaster. Only think about the low-cost price and cheap labour, never think about the people and working conditions. In 2010 in Dacca Bangladesh which they did outsourcing building is burnt out and 2013 one of the building for H&M collapsed because its unfinished and overcrowded. However, they only think about to make money other things are comes next to them. In the competition world only think about the price and safety is next to them.
Globalization makes the global markets for the fashion and clothing industry mush easier for everyone to adopt the new and innovative fashion trends. These days’ society changing and adopting the culture rapidly. However, globalization makes the current fashion trends much easier and catch the life style from every nation. Almost well-known brands companies offshoring /outsourcing after the globalizing. Its makes easier to enter the global market.


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