Health Public Relations Plan

Published: 2021-07-12 08:20:05
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An assessment of the health needs and requirements of patients and communities accessing health care from our health facility reveals the need for a vigorous plan to rejuvenate the state of public relations. The new Public relations plan seeks to promote the hospital through a new branding strategy that will strengthen our health center as a primary destination for comprehensive healthcare. The public relations plan aims to create awareness on the current practice standards, introduce new public relation activities and set mechanisms for maintaining contact with current and past patients.
Our health center meets the standards required in the treatment of chronic conditions set according to international standards. The health center boasts recognition as a model for the management of chronic diseases and also their screening and diagnosis at excellent standards. Additionally, costs for the treatment of these ailments are accessible at reduced whereas patient health outcomes have considerably improved at our center.
At the intervals of a month, the healthcare center will engage in public relations activities that enable comprehensive marketing of the center. These activities involve the printing of posters appropriate for the bulletin boards in the surrounding community. Brochures containing general information will accompany the posters as well as referral sheets, and a list of services provided at the center made for distribution. Running feature stories in area publications frequently will promote the values of the health center and give an insight of the experience to be expected.
Maintaining correspondence with current and past patients is an essential element in the promotion of healthcare offered by the hospital. The creation of mailing list of the patients and sending them supportive emails is fundamental. Health discussions promoting the health center on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram serve as an integral communication tool for the stakeholders involved. The needs of the stakeholders require attention, which calls for the investment of more resources to nurture relations over a period.

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