How Digital Discruption is Redening Industries

Published: 2021-06-25 21:20:05
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The chapter 3 of the Digital Vortex review primarily focuses on the recent changes in the nature of the competition. Despite the ambition name of the book ‘How Today’s Market Leaders Can Beat Disruptive Competitors at Their Own Game’, a lot of terms in the specifically listed article introduce novelties into the research practices. Hence, given that the core idea of the chapter concerns various disruption practices in the number of industries, one may question whether the value vampire carries a signature effect in the ultimate reduction of the market in the industry?
First and foremost, one shall define the ‘value chapter’ and further assess its effects on the industries. In particular, authors explain that the ‘value vampire’ is a form of disruptor for the already established companies. The effects of the value vampires may differ significantly. In particular, the disruption can be positive and negative, depending on the aftermath effects.
The positive disruptions may lead to positive effects of businesses, and specifically on the use of digital business models. Additionally, the chapter introduces the term ‘value vacancies’ referring to the competitive advantages that are different from the permanent advantages.
Overall, the main strengths of the research is the supportive argumentation and the introduction of the new terms that help to conceptualize the theory. The major weakness of the research is that the information is not universal and can be questioned by certain industries.
Chapter 5
The research focuses on the capacity of companies that undergo developments in various digital business models and ultimately create new forms of value. Mainly, the authores reflect upon the role of digital business agility and its role in various companies.
First and foremost, the chapter thoroughly introduces the meaning of digital business models. According to the chapter, digital business agility comprises of the three major components that complement and reinforce one another. In particular, these are hyperawareness, informed decision-making and fast execution. The major weakness of the research is that some of these terms were more thoroughly described than others. In particular, the concept of fast execution was poorly described, and from the perspective of digital marketing it may be unclear.
However, a large added value of the chapter 5 is the creation of the distinct components of digital business agility and a thorough reference of various component of digital business as such.
The practical implications of the research imply the overall universality of digitalization to various models. Upon a clear understanding of the overall goals of the research, one can find the answers to have different business models can be improved. Hence, the overall applicability of the chapter is clear to the variety of businesses that refer to the new practices in their operations.

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