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Published: 2021-07-10 07:50:04
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When I decided to write a paper about my trip to Brazil, I realized that at first, I needed to create an outline that would serve as a structural basis for my story. Therefore, I determined that my essay should be divided into several logical parts, namely the introduction, the body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the introduction, I described the general setting and the pre-story of my trip, marking that it was an experience I would never forget. After this, I decided to develop the body paragraphs of my essay and enrich the entire narrative with different details that would create a clear image of my experiences in Brazil.
As I was writing the body of the essay, I realized that to make the narrative more personal, I had to include many details about myself, also discussing my thoughts about my interaction with Brazilian players. Since during my trip, I encountered that there were certain language differences between the Brazilians and me, I decided to discuss the importance of communication, especially its nonverbal aspects such as body language. As I was reminiscing about my interaction with the players, I thought that it would be great to mention that they were always projecting a positive attitude.
Given that I shared certain ideas about the Brazilian players, characterizing them as passionate athletes who were devoted to their training, it came to my mind that I could develop this statement. That is why I decided to describe one of my experiences that occurred when we had a game together with the Brazilian players. Thus, I depicted their strategy of passing the ball and communicating when they were on the field. Yet, as I realized that I have to enrich my essay with the details that would be related not only to sports but also to daily activities, I incorporated the passage about our communication off the soccer field. I thought that it would be interesting to note how welcoming and friendly the Brazilian players were when we interacted in real life.
Together with that, I realized that there was still no particular highlight in my essay. Therefore, I decided to embed a story about a fifteen-year-old Pele whom I also met in Brazil. I used the image of Pele to describe the cultural differences between the citizens of my country and people who live in Brazil. To my mind, the incorporation of the story about Pele became the focal point of my essay because he was a person who taught me how to be more resilient and happy, and our meeting indeed changed me inside.
Closer to the end of the essay, I summarized my feelings about my trip to Brazil. I thought that it would be worthy of mentioning that the culture of Brazilians and their passion for sports largely defined their happiness. Accordingly, I decided to note that it was the key thing I learned from them. In conclusion, I briefly restated my opinion about Brazil and my experience of communicating with the players that shaped the positive conditions for my personal growth.
Overall, as I was writing the essay, I realized that I had to express my ideas using full sentences. As I was organizing the flow of the sentences inside the paragraphs, as well as the transitions between the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, I used many linking words to maintain the cohesiveness of the narrative. When I composed the body of the essay, I tried to enrich it with the supporting ideas that would correspond to the main thesis of my story. Also, I incorporate certain elements of rhetoric in my narrative as I appealed to emotionally charged words to create lively images and share the brightness of my expressions in my story.

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