How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business

Published: 2021-07-05 20:05:05
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A domain name is a unique name chosen by a company entity, an organization or an artist for identification on the internet. It gives the organization or individual a particular identity which cannot be used by anyone else. A domain name is crucial to a company. The choice of a good domain name may lead to the success of an online business while the opposite is true. A domain name serves as an advertisement tool this is because it is used on the enterprise website and emails thereby marketing the business every time the business communicates (, 2010). Since a domain name is typically short, it is easy to remember hence customers will use it to search for the organizations services over the internet. A domain name is not affected by the change of a host, and therefore clients can use it to search for the body even if it has changed its host. The use of a domain name on the organization’s website gives it credibility and boosts the confidence the customers have towards the organization (, 2010).
Web hosting
Web hosting is a term that describes the storing of data for organizations websites by a hosting company. The host company avails the information once a search is initiated anywhere in the world at any time of the day throughout the year. Once a business has set up a website it needs it publicized, therefore it will require the services of a web hosting company to store the website information on a server and provide it when needed by anyone around the world.
Web hosting plays an immense role in the e-commerce business because it gives companies a platform to interact with customers across the world. It also provides a feedback mechanism for the company to understand how their company is fairing by studying the number f people searching through their website (Burgess, Sellitto and Karanasios, 2009). An e-commerce site provides an exclusive opportunity for businesses to market their business and, therefore, should find the host who has the capacity to hold the volume of information an organization wishes to put on its website, the host should have the ability to provide at high speed to ensure that customers are not turned off by a slow website and end up going to competitors (Burgess, Sellitto and Karanasios, 2009).
Secure server certificate
A secure server certificate is referred to as a digital certificate. A certification authority issues the secure server certificate, and its main work it to provide a simple identification of the person intending to do company with another. A lot of trade is transacted over the internet, the people who carry out this company need to have the ability to identify these people who wish to conduct trade with them and choose whether to or not to do company, the secure server certificate does this exclusive identification of an entity on the internet (, n.d.). A secure server certificate provides this security through authentication codes which are exchanged between buyers and sellers to ensure security of their communication. The importance of a secure server certificate is the provision of secure communication lines for transaction of a company. In the absence of these lines, traders will find it hard to conduct trade since they won’t be able to tell between genuine buyer and fraudsters (, n.d.)
Secure socket layer
A secure socket layer is communication protocol that provides security for data sent between two entities. It contains very strong encryption, and it provides confidentiality and integrity of the data sent from one entity to the other. People who transact company over the internet share sensitive and private information for example credit card numbers (, n.d.). If the communication channel they are using is bridged and third parties happen to eavesdrop on this communication, then it would mean that the entities risk losing a lot of money. The importance of a secure socket layer is that it provides privacy for communication between two entities in the e-commerce company (, n.d.).
Merchant Account
A merchant account is a bank account used to collect payments from customers who choose to settle their payments through credit cards. An independent sales organization issues a unique merchant account to the merchant for every transaction they transact on the internet. E-commerce is a tricky company, and a merchant must find a way to collect payments safely and conveniently from people who are far away from them (, n.d.). It would be uneconomical to demand liquid cash since the cost of delivering such cash would be enormous. Merchant account becomes the best option. The importance of a merchant account is that it cuts down the cost of collecting payments, and offers a convenience to the merchant. Through the use of this account, company can be conducted without the fear of payment delays or in convinces (, n.d.)
Payment Gateway
The greatest challenge in a company conducted over the internet is the mode of payment. The seller is always worried about the safety of their money. Payment gateway is a service provided for companies carrying out e-commerce trade to facilitate payments. A payment gateway operates like a usual point of sale facility; it enables the buyer to send to the seller through a third independent party their payment details. Since the two parties are far away from each, other it is important to establish a secure means of sending these details. Payment gateway provides protection for sensitive details about a client sent over the internet for example credit card number through strong encryption of its data. Payment gate therefore reduces the possibility of such information falling into wrong hands (Acosta, 2008).

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