Hydraulic Fracturing

Published: 2021-07-03 09:25:05
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Different forms of technology have been used to access natural resources, and one of them is the hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is a technique in which pressured liquid is used to fracture rock. The technique involves the injection of high pressure ‘fracking fluid’ – common water and other contaminants, such as sand and proppants into a wellbore, which allows the creation of cracks in the rock formation. The technique is used in different situations ranging from processes associated with compressors, fugitive emissions, natural gas extraction, cementing, truck trips and road building. However, the area in which the technique is commonly used is in crude fuel industry where the flow becomes more freely. The technique improves the production of the oil, but numerous concerns of the technology arise. The major problem revolves around climate change. Hydraulic fracturing is an agent of climatic change and legislations/policies should be introduced to address the problem.
The major problem of hydraulic fracturing is its contribution to climate change. The technique use fracturing fluids and toxic drilling fluids, which are injected deep underground. According to McGlynn, “opponents say the underground tunneling increase the likelihood of contaminating aquifers” 1061. The process is attributed to injecting and withdrawing the water into the underground, which may result in contaminating surface waters and underground aquifers. Moreover, the process may result in noise and diesel pollution because the process operates 24/7. Hydraulic fracturing emits air, which may include volatile organic compounds that are disastrous to the employees and the humans/animals within the vicinity. In addition, the stress conditions involved in the process especially in the communities in which the drilling is done contributes to additional challenges. These numerous process affects the fauna and flora of the identified localities. Hence, hydraulic fracturing contributes to climate change due to the processes involved.

McGlynn, Daniel. “Fracking Controversy.” CQ Researcher 21.16 (2011): 1049-1072.

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