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Published: 2021-07-07 08:30:04
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An interior designer I like is Laura Day, who is a New York city based designer. She is quite famous for her extensive contribution in the completion of the fourth season of Trading Spaces. The style of this designer is dominated by her outgoing, open and friendly personality, as she always tries to connect with the audience through her outstanding works. In addition, Day thoroughly appreciates the appeal of the classical interior design. What is most interesting in her works is that Day constantly plays with furniture and the unique dimensions it creates, including the effect on the audience. In addition, this interior designer adequately uses a distinct combination of light and color to create a relevant perception among the viewers. What may be also argued about her style and expression is that there is a strong sense of easy sophistication demonstrated in her appealing designs. The use of natural elements in the design of her works is something which makes this interior designer’s works rather interesting. A leading idea expressed in Day’s works is the creation of a clean and open space. There is a strong sense of elegance and graciousness in the way Day presents certain interior design solutions. A main issue evident in the works of Day is the importance of expressing oneself. Such expression may take place under different forms, as space exploration is quite relevant to understanding the appeal created in the interior design solutions of Day.
Laura Day spent much of her childhood in rural Arkansas where her imagination was fuelled by the transparent beauty and elegance of the surrounding nature. She also witnessed the various landscapes that further inspired her in the creation of her unique interior designs. Apart from Arkansas, Day lived in different places through America, which shows her cosmopolitan spirit and openness toward the world. She is naturally inclined to explore the external world in all its beauty and dimensions. It can be indicated that Day has a rather adventurous spirit because she is always ready to experiment with various challenges. As illustrated in her biography, Day has repeatedly claimed her love of travelling because this enabled her with a relevant opportunity to explore the world. She transferred everything what she learned during travel in the creation of her interior designs. Day also points out that she initiated a mini world tour, which enriched her personality and provided her with an exciting perspective to apply in her practice as an interior designer.
What I mostly like about Laura Day is her dedication to every detail, which can be seen in the careful way she presented her interior designs. It is apparent that the works of Day represent her unique combination of modern and classical elements. She uses various neutral colors in order to demonstrate the way she feels about the world. For instance, there is somewhat gentle tone in the depiction of certain colors, such as white and blue. Her interior designs are quite light, as well as sophisticated and simple at the same time. These works have the power to transfer individuals into the unique world of Laura Day. This interior designer constantly surprises the audience by showing her enthusiasm and strong willingness to undertake various adventures in the exciting world of interior design. It is apparent that she was born with the mission to change the world by making it lighter, more lively and dynamic, as this is evident from her impressive compositions. I definitely like the work of Laura Day; her interior designs reveal a lot about her personality which I am interested to explore.

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