International Trade and the Internet

Published: 2021-06-21 02:55:04
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I feel the effects of international trade every time I can buy bananas from South America, coffee from Brazil, and wine from Italy. International trade expands domestic markets with imported goods and services that are not available from local producers or compete with them. The variety of vast range of goods from different countries enables me to choose between the goods of various producers. This way, international trade aligns local customers with imported goods that would not be available otherwise. As a result, the local market expands and boosts advanced competition owing to which the end-consumers win as they get the most affordable prices.
While international trade assumes the exchange of goods and services across the world, ordinary customers get closer to the newest trends in the world economy. While Chinese customers get access to the latest iPhones, American citizens enjoy the latest designs of BMW. At that, due to globalizations, companies optimize their production and supply chain locally. This means that Volkswagen or Toyota brands assemble the cars in the parts of Eastern Europe. Still, the end customers win as they benefit from competitive prices eventually. Such internalization overall benefits companies and their customers. Consequently, companies become more socially responsible and donate part of their revenue to charities. In turn, after satisfying their basic needs, customers may spend more on travelling and/or active sports. Furthermore, international companies benefit local markets by expanding employment opportunities and creating demand for local workforce.
I personally benefit from online e-commerce opportunities generated by international trade transactions. With a Visa/Master card, it is rather convenient to order goods and services from the comfort of my home. With a few clicks, I benefit from vast variety of newest options and offers on e-trade platforms. This much saves time and commuting costs.

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