Iraq for Sale: Movie Review

Published: 2021-06-22 21:05:06
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In the film, Iraq for Sale the author, Robert Greenwald tries to expose the unskillfulness, corruption, and greed among private contractors in Iraq. The movie was a little horrifying to watch because of the brutal murder and torture of Blackwater employees. The murder of the employees was just a single murder out of a series of many other murders orchestrated with impunity. Anyone watching this film will in no doubt have mercy on Iraqi citizens, who are being mistreated and forced to flee their homes in the name of diplomacy. The outright impression is that foreign institutions and governments have entered Iraq to grab as much as they can from the war-torn country as they pretend to be “angels sent from heaven.”
The main idea that the author wants people to understand is the consequences of international relations and diplomacy. Although countries should have close relations, the relations should have clear guidelines and should also have limits. By exploiting loopholes in international relations, companies like Blackwater Security Consulting and Halliburton have been able to manipulate the Iraqi people to work for them with very minimal people and without benefits. In the film, Greenwald has tied the Republican Party to increased manipulation of systems in Iraq, with the aim of benefitting from the chaos. In the film, the author portrays the scramble for Iraq as a race between nations to grab the resources and future of the Iraqi people.
The contractors, especially Blackwater Security, are in violation of human rights. The employees of Blackwater were tortured and murdered under the management’s watch. The contractors can be charged for murder. The other consequence is the termination of the contracts because of violating the rights of people in Iraq. The contractors would also be affected by the heavy penalties implemented to compensate those affected by their activities.

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