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Published: 2021-07-07 08:15:06
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Question one
The delivery of instructions is influenced by the instructional design that is utilized by the educators (Dijkstra, Schott, Seel, Tennyson & Seel, 2013). This implies that it is necessary for them to select the best design that suits the level of learners and their individual differences. Instructional design refers to the instructional experiences, which makes the acquisition of knowledge and skills more efficient, effective, and appealing (Dijkstra et al., 2013). It is critical to state that the knowledge about instructional design has significantly influenced the future approach to the delivery of the instruction. This is because through the design I have gained some insights concerning how instructions are expected to be delivered. The knowledge that has been acquired is critical to helping me to choose the right instructional materials for the right level while considering the individual differences in learning. It is also crucial for the reason that it assists me to develop instructional materials as well as utilizing them to achieve the instructional objectives, which are expected to be realistic and achievable. The design selected should cater for all the domains (Dijkstra et al., 2013). This implies that each domain will be addressed, resulting in the retention of information.
In addition, it will enable me to utilize the best theory, which will guide the delivery of instructions. Nevertheless, the knowledge about the instructional design will help me to deliver the instruction with expertise because I have adequate information regarding the methods that should be employed in the teaching-learning process. The knowledge also facilitates the delivery of high-quality instructions, which will benefit the learners. Through it, I am capable of explaining the behaviors of different students as well as allow them to interact during the learning process (Dijkstra et al., 2013). The role played by technology in delivering instruction is vital as learned during the instructional design session. Through the knowledge, I am able to improve the instructional materials that are crucial to the delivery of the instruction, leading to increased learning outcomes. Moreover, it is possible to assess the learning outcomes using the acquired knowledge of the instructional design.
Question two
Evidently, the knowledge of the instructional designs warrants the revision of my teaching philosophy. This is based on the fact that most of my methods of delivery were not guided by any philosophy or objective. This indicates that it is necessary to revise it and include goals that will guide the teaching-learning process. Additionally, the instructional method that I used did not consider the individual differences in the learners. This was the case in the development of the instructional materials. Thus, the materials need to be developed and cater for the students individual differences (Cook et al., 2013). This is in line with the knowledge that has been acquired from the instructional design. Due to a lack of a theory to guide the delivery of the instruction, it is clear that all domains of learning were not taken care of, yet they are important. In this view, it is important to revise the teaching philosophy and design instructional materials that cater for all the domains of learning. Initially, the instruction delivery was teacher-centered, and there was little students’ involvement. There is a need to understand the learners’ behavior to predict the learning outcomes (Cook et al., 2013). Learners are able to obtain more information if they discuss and appreciate others.
Moreover, through interactions in classrooms, there is sharing of divergent ideas, which enrich their ideas. According to me, this was a waste of time, showing it is necessary to revise my teaching philosophy and allow them engage in discussion. This is according to the knowledge I have obtained from the instructional design. The knowledge also warrants the revision of my teaching philosophy because the method I employed to evaluate the learners is not useful. Sometimes, I evaluated the students in groups, and other times at the end of the course. According to the instructional design, continuous assessment is critical because it helps one to evaluate the effectiveness of his or her teaching methods. It is critical to underscore that technology makes learning easier. However, I have never utilized it, and I should incorporate it into the teaching-learning process.
Thus, instructional design is imperative in the dissemination of knowledge. This is for the reason that one is able to understand the best teaching methods and materials. There is also a need to develop instructional materials to suit the levels of the learners. Thus, instructional design is crucial to the teaching-learning process.

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