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Published: 2021-06-17 10:55:04
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Choosing a great marketing consultant firm to help market my product line was not easy. It took lots of research. However, I was able to choose one. The name of the firm I chose is called Antenna. I visited their website, and they provided information on how they help to market product lines. I was able to find plenty of information on the company, including success stories. There are three main reasons why I choses Antenna. The company is innovative, they build solid relationships with their clients and they produce results due to the quality they offer.Being innovative is important in today’s world. After reading Antenna’s information, I believe that they do a great job staying innovative. The consultants “are curious, driven and quick to collaborate. They love flexibility, live for variety and always bring their best game” (“We are Antenna” par 1). Consultants who are curious spend more time figuring out how to market the product. They do not make assumptions, but do their research. Being innovative also includes being flexible and with change. This is well needed in an overcrowded market. For my product, I do not want to be like everyone else. I want my line to be unique. My product line needs to be handled by a company who will take the extra step in making sure it aligns with similar products, but innovative enough to stand out.
A product line needs to cater to the needs of the consumer. So I need consultants who understand this concept. Consumers’ attitudes change quite often, so I need consultant who know how to change with them. I am more than confident that Antenna will do so. I was impressed with their strategy for marketing. The website did a good job with strategically showing the innovation with their consultants.
Another point of interest about the company is their need to build solid relationships. They state, “We were founded on a simple belief. That real challenges deserve real solutions and real talent deserves real opportunity. By investing in real relationships with companies and consultants, we help everyone achieve more”(“What We Do” par 2). I like the way they express opportunity for their clients. This goes back to how innovative they are. Moreover, building solid relationships seems to be missing in most business relationships. I value someone who will value me. I cannot work with a consultant who does not value my opinion. The job of a consultant is to consult, not take over. The relationship needs to go both ways.
In addition, working with big firms can be a challenge. But after carefully researching Antenna, I learned that they understand how big they are, but the offer specialized services. Even though Antenna is not a small firm, it does build relationships based on clients. “No cookie-cutter résumés here. We carefully align our people with our clients’ needs and culture and the kind of problems they want to solve. Everybody wins”(“What We Do” par 1). According to research a lot of bigger firms struggle with staying unique. , “It shows that the bigger a firm grows, the more it struggles with how to differentiate itself. Indeed, for the largest firms included in our study, this challenge has eclipsed all others” (“Marketing the Consultant” 4) I will not worry about this because Antenna understands that the working relationships between the consultant and client is what matters, be it big or small.
The team of consultants that work for Antenna are great experts. I like that they partner people with the expert that they know will work well with time. “Free agents need love too. Our consultants get excellent benefits, ongoing education and tools to help them live and work happily and advance their careers”(“What We Do” par 4). Knowing that the consultants are constantly receiving training and learning how to work with clients in this economy is great. The quality of the consultant does matter. Even if the consultant does not have a college degree, they still need the years of experience and on the job training to be able to help someone market their product. These are important qualities for me.
The website also provides name s and background information on their consultants in order to show that they are qualifies. This also made me feel better. The company sold me with their qualified and unique consultants. After doing research I found that a lot of consulting firms struggle with being unique and selling their names. Research says, “Finding something distinctive to say is, according to our survey, the single biggest challenge consulting firms face in their marketing activity” (“Marketing the Consultant” 4 ). The one thing that stuck out to me about this company is that the qualifications of each consultant is what sells them. They are not lost in the company, but they help to make the company unique.
Overall, I want a company who is going to be my voice in the market. I want a firm that will be innovative and build with me. Finally, I want a firm who is highly-qualified to market my product. I found all of this after researching Antenna. There are so many consulting firms out there, and picking just one is not easy. However, even their website showed the professional look that I would need for my own site. I am happy in my choice in choosing this company to market my product line. My product line deserves the best firm marketing it. In my opinion, Antenna is the best firm for my product line.

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