My Philosophy of Nursing

Published: 2021-06-23 18:25:05
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I think that most of us prospective nurses chose the profession for similar reasons. Whether it be the desire of helping others or being an advocate for health and wellbeing. Me, I consider nursing is calling, and I feel drawn forth by it, compelling me to help those who need me. In that sense, my philosophy of nursing comes from the fact that I feel morally responsible for those under my care. My mission, then, is providing nonjudgmental care to those who need me, regardless who they are or where they come from. Nurses as healthcare professionals have to treat patients with respect; they are not just numbers.
For that reason, as advocates of their wellbeing, we have to encourage them to take part of their care, aiding them to become active agents of their recovery through education and guidance. Thus, nurses are not solely caregivers; they are educators capable of modeling positive behaviors in their patients as well as the belief that caring for oneself is the best form of prevention.
Consequently, my philosophy is closely intertwined with my core values and beliefs as an individual. These values are honesty, persistence, kindness, learning, and integrity; values I think that are consistent with the nursing profession since they give me a solid framework from which standing and taking charge of the situations under my control. Hence, the values that make a sizeable part of my philosophy are congruent with the profession since, at least in my opinion, they solidly overlap and provide me with the driving force I will need to take care of my patients.
Ultimately, I consider that these values I have mentioned are not only my nursing philosophy but also my personal core values as they cannot be turned off once my shift is over. They are part of myself, rooted within my soul, composing what I am and what I aim to do.

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