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Published: 2021-07-12 08:25:04
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My firm has just been chosen to develop a promotional campaign for a new product that is a kid-friendly app that runs as a platform for new games, videos, training, education, and television that is especially catered towards media and entertainment that is not only loved by the kids but approved by the parents. First, I need to identify my audience which sounds obvious: children and parents. In other words, I will target families who have little children because this app is specifically designed for them.
Additionally, we will pinpoint families that are only one child that falls in the age range of 5-9. This pinpointing technique will allow us to be able to come up with a strategy that is both targeted and results focused. Some may ask why we are targeting one-child households, and the answer is rather simple. It’s simply because single parents tend to be more protective of their only child, and research and common sense both back this suggestion up. Because these parents are extremely protective, it would make sense that they’d be very concerned with what their child is seeing. Because of this, I believe that this product will be able to start off as a successful niche and grow into something bigger that can compete with other media platforms.
While YouTube and Facebook are both huge platforms, I don’t think they have entirely eaten up the kid market because they cater to older adults as well as millennials. I believe that this product is unique because it’s geared towards the family and that’s something neither YouTube nor Facebook are prioritizing. While this is going to primarily be a child-centered service, I see potential for it to become an all-around service later on and this will allow us to add more and more features to it and improve it until it’s primed for long-term success.

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