Outline of Marx and Engels: The Communist Manifesto

Published: 2021-07-12 04:55:04
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The communist manifesto encapsulates the theoretical perspectives of Marxism and the industrial ideals of Engels with the aim of explicating the essence of communism. Divided into four sections, the communist manifesto reflects upon economic, political, and social factors that affected European states during the industrial revolution. Although the period initiated development, efficiency and progress across Europe, Marx and Engels held the opinion that capitalism was exploitative of the people. The manifesto enumerates the entrails, justification, and reasoning behind communist ideals.
The first section of the manifesto introduces the ideas of class and society, and exploitation between class struggles based on historical events. According to Marx and Engels, the rate of development in the society may seize to be compatible to class relationship thereby straining social and economic development. The section sheds light on the bourgeoisie exploiting the middle class citing that their compensation is indirectly proportionate to the amount of labor. Engel and Marx argue that the excesses or rather profits benefit the capitalists instead of the working class; hence, the incongruity of capitalism.
The second part of the manifesto introduces a new section of the working class referred to as proletarians who despite not having the means for production had the necessary skills and labor power. Marx and Engels envision the growth in strength and numbers of the proletarians whose improvement of communication across their networks and formation of unionist movements is critical to their social, political, and wealth development.
The third and fourth sections of the manifesto underline the commonalities between communism and proletarians, different forms of socialism, with relation to the geopolitical status of Europe, and the importance of social power rather than capitalist power. In summary, the communist manifesto is a true depiction of social events that disrupt the status quo with concurrent remedial solutions based on communist ideology.

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