Paradise Lost: A Detailed Analysis

Published: 2021-06-18 20:25:04
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Q3 .Characterization Of SatanThe poem characterizes Satan as cunning and convincing. The cunning character is emphasized when Satan tricks angel Uriel to an extent of showing him the home to man. Also in the Garden of Eden, Satan’s cunningness is shown. Satan is in a position to entering a serpent. Satan approaches Eve in the Garden of Eden. Satan’s cunning character convinces her to eat the forbidden fruit. The poem also presents Satan as heroic. The poem’s introduction explains how Satan defied God’s rules leading to Satan’s fall. However, when being sent away, Satan drags along a large number of angels and legions who had fallen under his rule. After the defeat of the war with God, Satan decides to go back and approach God himself. Going back alone presents Satan’s heroic act. Approaching angel Uriel is also a heroic act portrayed by Satan. Also after the defeat, rather than giving, Satan launches a more dangerous mission. The mission involves exploration of a different world, where Satan will lead the war hence denoting the heroic act. Some characters in the poem have Satan characters. The two offspring of Satan death and sin have Satan’s character. After Satan succeeds in tricking angel Uriel and Eve, death and sin see it as an opportunity. Rather than celebrating Satan’s success, the two decide to build a road to the humanity’s world.
Q4. The council meeting in book 2
Satan holds the meeting at the top of a volcano. Satan Portrayed as the hero, the expectations are a uniform agreement of success in the battle against God and his angels. Satan gives room for suggestions from soldiers in the army. (John Milton, 2004). However, there are different suggestions and opinions from different angels in the army. The first fallen angel to stand up is Moloch. Moloch speech is based on the battlefield. He believes that open warfare against God and his angels is most appropriate. Moloch says that no matter how hard they fight and the fallen soldiers die, there is nothing to loose for them. Moloch is convinced that the hell they are in is the worst hell that one would ever hence believe that they have nothing to loose neither anything to cry for as they are already the fallen angels. However, he seems to lose confidence on the winning part saying that, even if God kills them, the loss of life would be a better idea than being residents of hell for ages. He also says that if they fail to conquer the kingdom of God, their loss will not be termed as a defeat, but instead a successful revenge. When Moloch sits down, another fallen angel stands up. The name is Belial. Belial contradicts Moloch speech creating tension and fear amongst other fallen angels. Belial disagrees that the open warfare is the best strategy. The reason is that Belial believes that God sees everything and understand each and every activity that the fallen angels, Satan and humankind plan. Belial says that, as they are planning for the warfare, God has already heard and seen what they are about to do. Also, Belial does not believe that the hell they exist is the worst hell. Belial says that God is capable of sending them to a more severe hell than the one they live. According to Moloch, God is capable of killing them all. However, according to Belial, God is capable of killing them but He is not going to. Belial advocates for peace, hoping that God will hold back His punishment upon them. After Belial gives his suggestion, another fallen angel stands up. The fallen angel is called Mammon. Mammon seems neutral. Neither does mammon support Moloch idea, neither support Belial. Mammon says that opening fight against the kingdom of heaven will be a waste of time. Mammon says that they have lost in the previous battles and hence leading to them being sent out of heaven. Addressing Belial idea of expecting forgiveness, Mammon finds it boring to be forgiven and taken back to heaven to spend the rest of their lives in a boring kingdom. The fallen angel finds it a waste of time being in heaven, bowing down and serving in the Kingdom.
However, Mammon has an idea. The idea is that the fallen angels and Satan to embrace their destiny. The destiny is to accept the fact that they are in hell and should learn to live and coup with its situations. Mammon idea broadens to suggesting of a kingdom establishment in hell, where they will all enjoy being under their rule and command. The fallen angel believes that the establishment of hell’s kingdom will prevent interference from God and hence conduct their activities according to their will. Mammon believes that the kingdom will be equal to that one in heaven and hence will gain respect from the heaven’s kingdom. The confused crowd seems to embrace Mammon’s idea and hence applaud Mammon as a sign of a final legitimate suggestion. As the crowd celebrates, Beelzebub spoils the mood. Beelzebub suggestion seems similar to Belial. However, the suggestion is based on facts and acceptance of destiny. Beelzebub says that God is all over. Trying to open war against God will be a waste of energy and a definite loss. However, Beelzebub seems to have a concrete idea. The idea is based on the new race that God has established in another world. The race is a man. Beelzebub suggests that, instead of physically revenging against God, the best idea should be trying to convince the man to join them. Man being God’s offspring will be easily seduced to join the fallen angels’ side. However, Satan wants someone to explore the new race of human. However, no one is ready to do so. Hence, Satan does it. The whole idea running in Satan’s mind is how to get access to earth, and become the man’s kingdom ruler.

John Milton, ‎David Hawkes .Paradise lost. 2004 .Boston

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