Prostitution: Simply a Business?

Published: 2021-07-10 19:40:06
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Moral permissibility of Fifi’s decision is obvious since the girl suggests to review prostitution as a typical business activity. If prostitution is legalized not only in separate parts of Nevada but across the U.S., it would be easier to bring this industry from the shadows. Currently, moralists deem prostitution as something condemnable, and at the same time, they ignore the reasoning of such choice of employment. Regardless of the public opinion, if prostitution is considered as a business activity, it is just as good as any other occupation like a nurse, lawyer, or therapist.
Currently, prostitution is in the shadows, and yet, this business follows the rules of a competitive market, develops bonus programs for the loyal customers, and trains the employees upon recruitment (The Economist, 2014). The morality of prostitution is out of the question because otherwise professions requiring public nudity, undressing, and close interaction with the other individuals’ bodies should be banned, for example, dancers, models, massage therapists, photographers, designers, manual therapists, and so on.
Moral permissibility of Bula presents prostitution from the other perspective, introducing the prostitutes as victims instead of the individuals who got involved in the sexual activities on their free will. In case of forced prostitution, such activity is not only immoral, but it is also illegal. Therefore, the prostitutes should not be afraid of coming out and reporting the facts of abuse to the law enforcement and social services. In this case, prostitution is a synonym for moral devastation, frustration, and broken life, which frequently results in the addictive behaviors, risky lifestyle, and choices, and careless existence with a disregard for the consequences.
If prostitution is reviewed as a form of abuse, the causative factors should be explored and prevented to avoid the repetition of the situations motivating individuals to turn to prostitution.

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