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Published: 2021-07-07 03:30:05
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The subject of retirement is one of the most important subjects for people who think about economics and politics. It is also one of the most controversial. Many people argue that individuals should be forced to retire at the age of sixty five as they no longer suitable for the work place and they have already contributed enough of their years in working. Others, however, argue that they do not want to retire once they reach sixty five and that they should be allowed to remain working their jobs, or event to seek out other ones.
I do not not believe that people should be made to retire at sixty five, although I do believe that it should be an option for all people. It is simply not the case that all jobs require the same skills and energies and therefore it is unreasonable to enforce a universal age of retirement. A miner may well need to retire at sixty five because their job is very physically demanding, however a computer programmer is likely to be in much better physical condition and to have little need to retire. Forcing them to do so would be pointless.
Forcing anyone to stop working is an infringement on their civil liberties and it can also mean that they lose a lot of money. Many people are currently employed in jobs with little security and they often have little savings. To force them to retire from this position is very dangerous as it means that, even if they would otherwise want to retire, they will now not have access to the same amount of money. Only if a State pension could be guaranteed for everyone who retired and if this would be good enough to live on, would it be okay to force people to retire. However, this is very unlikely to happen.
In conclusion, people should not be forced to retire at sixty five. One reason for this is that different jobs require different physical efforts and therefore it is not possible to make a blanket judgement about all of then. Another reason is that forcing people to retire when they do not have savings is likely to be very counter-productive and dangerous. When these are taken together, it is clear no one should be forced to retire at sixty five.

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