Sexism in India

Published: 2021-07-11 00:50:05
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Being a feminist in India has been a tough journey in my life. I come from the southern Asian part of the world where gender prejudice still exists. Despite the changing times where women are empowered, the old traditions still exist in the remote parts of the country. That said, as a way of empowering me, my parents took me to school to study UWB. However, my mindset was not much into writing since English is not my first language. As time has progressed, my attitude towards writing has changed, and I have learned a lot. Through writing, I can be able to express myself without the fear of intimidation. Previously, making a presentation in front of my classmates made me nervous, that always led to a strained relationship with my friends.
Through writing, I am growing my self-esteem as I can be able to express myself more comfortably. It is through writing that I have been able to collect all my scattered thoughts and consolidated them into a single beam of information. Therefore, through writing, I can be able to inform the readers of my research. Also, given that I am not good in English language, verbal communication is not effective in persuading my target audience for the research. Putting it down in writing will enhance effective communication with my audience.
I also believe that through writing, my critical-thinking skills have been sharpened. It has taken time for me to improve my proficiency in English writing. Through continuous practice, I am improving on my skills since I can identify my weaknesses and work on them. Likewise, given that my writing skills have an Indian touch, I believe that I am socially and ethically responsible for sharing the things I learn with my community. In this way, I believe the community will make a positive change on some of the aspects that hold my society back.

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