Similarities and Differences between Kuwait and the United States

Published: 2021-07-09 15:45:06
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Every country in the world is unique in its own way. Each has negative and positive aspects. There are many similarities and differences between my home country, Kuwait, and the United States. I chose this topic because I am now living in the United States, yet Kuwait is still very important to me. Because I was born in Kuwait, I know much about the country. For example, Kuwait is known for being a small and beautiful country. Four factors that highlight particular differences and similarities between Kuwait and the United States are size, education, safety, and traffic systems. These are the most important factors that influenced my transition from Kuwait to the United States.
A big difference between Kuwait and the United States is the size. Kuwait is a very small country with its total area is about 17,818 km, which is smaller than even the state of Michigan. Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in the Middle East. On the other hand, the U.S. has a total area of about 9,827,000 km, making it almost 1,000 times larger than Kuwait. The U.S. ss one of the largest countries in terms of the area in the world. Size plays an important part in the differences between the two countries, in large part because the United States has so much cultural diversity, while Kuwait is much more unified and homogenous. Travelling to different parts of the United States takes much time in a car, but in Kuwait, travelling across the whole country does not take long at all. In the United States, air travel is common, but in Kuwait, everyone drives to places.
There are many similarities and differences between Kuwait and the U.S., one of them being the Education system. The education system in Kuwait is good, but it needs to improve the way students are taught. One way to do this is to encourage students to speak more English in their classes so that they can use this in their everyday lives. This is a marked difference between the two countries. Unlike in the United States, teachers in Kuwait often come from all over the world. In my country, elementary school takes five years to complete, while middle school takes four years, and high school only three years. After that, students can go to a university or college. In the United States, elementary schools takes much longer, while middle and high school take similar time to complete. The school days in Kuwait have seven hours in the day, with five days in the week, just like most U.S. schools. Some of the ideas about education in my country are great, such as the working hours and teaching methods. However, the differences in the system are important for the development of education. The United States has a much more developed education system. The system in the United States is very good when it comes to teaching methods. There are tools and modern technology in the classrooms that can be used such as the smart boards, projectors, and laptops. In addition, the teachers generally have a great level of education and some even come from different areas of the world, though this is rarely than in Kuwait. Some universities even bring professional teachers from different countries across the world to teach in the United States. Though the United States does not bring in the diversity that Kuwait brings into schools, the teaching talent is much better. These are some of the reasons that the education system in the United States is better than the system in Kuwait.
There are also similarities and differences between Kuwait and U.S. Safety regulations and practices. You can feel safe while sightseeing in Kuwait, as it is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. The police system is very similar to that of United States. For instance, the police in both countries try their best to protect both the citizens and the tourists from crime. Kuwait is also similar to the United States when it comes to safety because they also have gun restricting laws in my country. It is illegal for citizens to carry a gun without a permit in Kuwait, just like it is for many states in the United States. Additionally, in Kuwait, a person can go out during any time of the day at any place because the police are patrolling the areas protecting them. While visiting Kuwait, just like the United States, any person can feel safe most of the time and in most places.
However, while the United States is similar to that of Kuwait, it is also different. More people have guns in the United States and this can be very dangerous to citizens and tourists. Some states in the U.S. are not very safe because many people have guns and murder rates are higher in these states, which tend to be Southern states. For this reason, the safety in Kuwait is better than in the United States.
The last similarities and differences that I compare between Kuwait and America is the traffic system. The traffic system is very important in a country in any part of the world because it controls roads and can reduce accidents on the streets if the system is good enough. Most people in Kuwait do not respect the traffic laws. For example, you will typically see drivers who are driving well above the speed limit and you will see some drivers not stopping at the red lights or at the stop signs. This is the government’s fault because they do not enforce traffic violations and punish these drivers. On the other hand, in the U.S. the traffic system is good because the government makes credible threats with their sanctions for violators of the traffic laws. Therefore, people in the United States respect the speed limit and will usually stop when they see a red light or a stop sign. These are examples of why the traffic system in the United States is better than the system in Kuwait.
In conclusion, there are many similarities and differences between Kuwait and the United States of America, such as the size, safety, education, and traffic laws. Both countries are great and no country is perfect. Kuwait is safer than the United States, but the United States has a much better education system and better traffic laws.

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