Social Science Theory Assessment

Published: 2021-07-08 19:40:05
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Self-Determination Theory
The theory presents a motivational ideology that explains the intrinsic and natural tendencies that initiate healthy and effective behaviors in human beings. According to the theory satisfaction is an essential intrinsic motivational tool that is developed by the sense of fulfilment. The theory also posits that the environment that entails external factors can engage human psychology towards motivation. The theory brings introduces a comprehensive framework that govern human physiology and psychology as a practical way of social and cognitive personality engagement through motivation. Some of the critical constructs of the principles that form the theory are embedded in unique human differences as practical measures towards enhancing motivations among various groups of people. The theory is essential in healthcare agencies towards influencing professional behavior and the level of practical engagement.
The theory has been applied in the psychological engagements of healthcare experts to bring sufficient levels of motivation in the organizations. The tendency of people to gain fulfillment and satisfaction through growth has been essential in the healthcare industry. The ability if the healthcare service administrators to create and uphold positive emotions has been essential towards the creation and nurturing professional strength in the facilities. The acquisition and sustenance of positive psychology are important towards making distinctions associated with acquiring optimum operation in the places of work. The healthcare workers are stimulated to high-quality service delivery through meeting the psychological needs of competence, relatedness, and autonomy. The strategic integration of both leadership and management in the healthcare facilities to make optimum use and application of the administrative entities has been linked to the acquisition of sufficient levels of safety for experts and service consumers.
The need to be effective in the service delivery imperative for healthcare experts. Due to the consistently changing needs and expectations in the industry, healthcare administrators always influence the experts to embrace continuous educational and professional development through dedicating sufficient resources for training and seminars. This increases the level of experience of the professional and increases their ability to handle unique situations with the required level of professionalism. One of the practical approaches that have been adopted in the healthcare industry is to create a sense of belonging among the experts. This has assisted in heightening the desire for the experts to care for other people. In order to acquire the comfort in service delivery, the administrators facilitate sufficient inter-professional collaboration to assist in sharing of ideas that increase the quality of the services delivered. The ability of the healthcare experts to uphold the autonomy of the organization is facilitated by the availability of an accommodative structural and cultural alignment in the organizations. The members of the organizations have the freedom to exploit their personal abilities by controlling their actions and aligning their personal objectives aligning the ultimate aim of the organization.
Strategic consideration was focused on a variety of healthcare institutions to determine the influence of the self-determination theory on the quality of healthcare services. The evaluation and assessment of the facilities were carried out based on the operational competence, relatedness and autonomy offered the experts and their relationship to performance improvement in the institutions. The assessment of these aspects was done through models guided by the parameters associated with healthcare service delivery in the facilities. The results of regression analysis of the findings suggest that the level of motivation in a workforce has a statistical significance towards the development of healthy operational facilities in the industry.
Apparently, motivation acquired through sufficient levels of satisfaction is instrumental towards building a stable workforce in healthcare organizations. The structural and functional alignment of healthcare facilities dictates the acquisition of commitment from the service providers which is supported by the ability of the organizations to motivate them through heightening their competence and autonomy. The establishment of consistent reward systems through good control systems are consistent with the expectations of the self-determination. Therefore, the use of comprehensive motivation mechanisms in organizations can instruct and excite behaviors and enhance the commitment of the workforce which will initiate high productivity.

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