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Published: 2021-06-28 07:45:04
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I would like to study Financial Engineering in your institution because it interests me. I have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in Business Statistics. With a background in business statistics, I believe that with a combination of these two academic qualifications, I will be of high value to the Financial Engineering profession. The Financial Engineering profession is flexible in that I can apply my statistics knowledge relevantly. Additionally, it is versatile in the kind of work that it does and in the fields where its skill can get utilized. Since financial engineers’ work can help with cost control by enhancing effectiveness, they are of great interest to employers, including not-for-profit organizations. There are courses that I am very much interested in studying. They include but are not limited to Computational Finance and Risk Management.
Optimization and simulation are some of the mist effective quantitative tools. They help the learner to design and modify financial portfolios keeping in mind that the value of assets fluctuates with time. Many financial and risk management functions are explained. They make use of Matlab to demonstrate the computations as well as for developing a software package during the course project. Practical aspects of risk modeling, which are used by industry practitioners, are emphasized.
Stochastic Processes is a course on the fundamentals of stochastic processes and their application to mathematical models in operational research. The subjects discussed will entail an evaluation of renewal processes, Poisson processes and other high level processes, and probability theory. The functions of reliability, inventory, queuing, and so forth are stressed.
How your Previous Studies and Experience have Prepared you for the Program
I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics. During my internship as a risk analyst, I gathered and evaluated information for companies that were applying for government loans. I used to update the individual micro-credit companies’ ability to fulfill their financial obligations using archetypes based on the economic and social situation, their reviewed plan for business activities, and financial statements.
Finally, I assisted the Anti-Money Laundering Investigation team with looking into money laundering claims. Engineering is a very commonsensical as a field of study and practice in the industry. Statistics helps to support any action or decision. From such a perspective, risks are never taken because they are founded on facts and hard math.
Career Goals
I intend to complete CFA level II during graduate study as I study. I envision myself as a Finance professional who designs structured financial products by using sophisticated methods and tools. I would be enthralled to acquire the latest knowledge and skills in the field of Financial Engineering and perhaps, Risk Management. I hope to offer my services to a leading financial services company, and investment bank, or even the Treasury. On the other hand, I am interested in doing a personal project where I would help the start-ups and rural, small businesses with their financial management needs at a very small fee or no charge. I believe these services are mostly needed in this population because they cannot hire financial advisers or engineers, yet their contribution to society is highly significant.
My educational background has equipped me with the necessary qualities to surmount the rigors of this demanding but highly rewarding profession. My thorough and applied knowledge in statistics has provided me with leverage in Mathematics and Financial Management. I have always excelled in these two fields since my school days. During my study in Business Statistics, I took up courses which furnished me with knowledge about the business field and financial sector. I am of the firm belief that the Masters in Financial Engineering program at your institution is very structured because it gives the perfect balance of theory and practice. I do hope that my background and qualifications are suitable for placement to study Financial Engineering at Masters’ level.

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