Stereotypes (ParaNorman)

Published: 2021-06-27 21:20:04
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Generally, stereotypes have been used in ParaNorman to show us how we are often made to things that might not actually be true. We have all grown up in communities where certain groups of people or even races have been stereotyped, and we end up believing them as the truth. In ParaNorman, Norman view by everyone including as an abnormal just because he has an ability to talk to the dead. Many of other characters are not comfortable with him, and he is actually treated as an outcast. Women have also been stereotyped as being weak. This is clear, for instance where Alvin threatens Neil with a “Don’t get your bra in a twist, fat boy…” This is clearly intended to make Neil feel weak probably because girls are weak according to Alvin.
The physical appearances of some characters in this film have been stereotypically overemphasized. The stereotype used the film are effective. Norman, for instance, is avoided by other children because of his abilities to talk to the dead and his frequent visions which are viewed as weird. The boy ends up believing he is an outcast and does not have friends apart from Neil, who is also an outcast for being fat. The people in the community depicted in the movie believe the stereotype that being able to communicate with the ghosts is abnormal and they set to hunt Norman just like Aggie was killed for being called a witch. Stereotypes could either be good or bad. The cases portrayed in this film, for example, is a bad form of stereotype. This where people in a community hold radical beliefs that hate, degrade or even hurt others. The good ones could be those that depict individuals or a community as being kind or generous.
After watching a film like ParaNorman, one is inclined to think about the effects the media has on the community today especially the teenagers. Media has several positives effects on people of different ages. Most teens, for instance, have derived their inspirations from the movies they watch and have ended up in the theater arts industry. Media also brings awareness to the community which changes them for the better by helping them understand other communities laying the foundations for peace and understand amongst people. Many videos and virtual games help in the development of teenagers’ listening, reading, and even motor skills. However, most of the problems facing the world today especially as far as the youth are concerned could be directly attributed to the media. Watching movies such as the ParaNorman, for instance, may encourage negative stereotyping which to discrimination against some individuals or communities. According to Chhandita Chakravarty, violent movies with themes such as street fighting have been reported to breed the culture of violence all around the world. Many parents and guardians, as well as the educationists, are facing a major problem of children performing poorly if school due to spending too much of their time on media-related issues. Watching movies, listening to music and playing computer games have taken the children’s concentration such that their mind do not get fully focused on education properly. As a result of media, young men and women have failed to be content about their looks are using various harmful substances attempting to acquire a “perfect body” figures.
Stereotypes tend to work because they are a life-long lesson. One begins hearing about them from a tender age, and they are repeatedly reminded throughout their entire lives. This makes them stick to people’s minds. Writers and producers of works of art perfected their art of capitalizing on stereotypes because it makes the consumers of their work can relate to what they watch, read, or read. If one writes a movie plot about witchcraft, for example, targeting a community that believes in the same, then the people will easily relate to that piece of work and the movie will sell.

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