Sustainability in International Business – A Case Study of NNPC

Published: 2021-07-03 01:30:04
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Area of your project: This project explores the area of sustainability in international business, focusing on sustainability efforts in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).
Your research question/ topic: Four research questions were identified for resolution:
What efforts are in place to foster sustainability in NNPC and its subsidiaries?
How is NNPC addressing sustainability issues across its myriad locations?
What variation in efforts is present between sustainability efforts in the Nigerian offices and the UK offices?
How can NNPC increase its sustainability in light of changes within the oil and gas industry?
Brief description of your research focus: This research will focus on variations in sustainability employed depending on location of office within an international corporation.
If you will focus on a particular region or country, please mention it here: The study will focus on NNPC, looking specifically at its Nigerian and UK offices.
If you will focus on a particular organisation, please mention this here: The organisation focused on in the study is the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.
Do you intend to do a quantitative or qualitative study?: The proposed study is qualitative in nature.
If you will focus on a particular organisation, have they agreed to participate?: The NNPC has not agreed to participate. While some of the data will come from published secondary sources, primary data will be collected from previous employees of the company.
Do you intend to travel outside UK as part of your data collection for this research project?: No, I do not intend to travel outside of the UK as a part of the data collection for this research project. The data necessary for the completion of the study can be collected remotely, ensuring that no travel is necessary.

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