The Extended Inquiry Project – Electronic Entertainment

Published: 2021-07-01 22:15:06
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Over the last three decades, electronic entertainment has become a domain of a great controversy. On the one hand, digital revolution opened a window of opportunities to many of us, though, on the other hand, mass digitalization adversely affected many users in terms of addiction and alienation in the virtual world. The worlds of e-entertainment are vast and vary, including all sorts of options ranging from virtual video games to adult entertainment. Once involved in it, an average user cannot quit the seduction of spending more and more hours online. The same goes with video games developed for home entertainment that make us feel better and more competent than in real-to-life situations.
Game stations and gaming websites create a sort of obsession and psychological dependence on the virtual reality rather remote from our daily problems. Thus, most players seek more opportunities to spend more time on gaming, networking, and entertaining themselves in all possible ways online. Actually, few people use e-entertainment for business purposes while you cannot make money while playing computer games online. However, the industry is so vast that virtually everyone can register on commercial websites to try and win cash. Eventually, most novelties lose, though that is not the major problem with e-entertainment.
The core problem is psychological. Uncountable options of e-entertainment affect us directly and indirectly in various ways. By creating the world of virtual reality, e-entertainment takes us away from the pleasures of real life. We lose communication and relationships with our nearest and dearest, we are no more involved in family matters, we fail to play with our children, we prefer coping with smartphones to intimate relationships.
Therefore, e-entertainment is potentially threatening environment that treats most of us like its victims. Rather than widening the options of the information society and advance their lives with e-opportunities, most users of cutting-edge technologies absorb in rather primitive computer and video games that are stealing their time away. These powerful time killers pose serious psychological challenges to most of us. We cannot simply deny the seduction of playing an entertaining game once again or try its more advanced version. Unable to seek inner resistance, we find other gamers that think alike and just like us are virtual addicts. Then, we share our gaming experiences with them and align into networks of gamers to participate in extended gaming options. Such participation helps us psychologically as now we know we are not alone. There are people like us doing the same. This way, e-entertainment disseminates through virtual networks and reaches the lives of more and more people.
So far, electronic gaming has turned into a sort of smoking; you cannot resist it, while it is much easier to share its pleasures and benefits with others. While smoking kills us physically, e-entertainment kills our precious time by taking it away. This is the time we could have spent more efficiently and productively. We can never turn back these precious hours of our life, and so it is high time we changed our attitude to e-entertainment. A good piece of advice is to impose self-discipline starting with time limits on online entertainment. Each single day, we should restrict our presence in virtual entertainment and limit it to educational, training and developmental YouTube programs. Of course, we are free to watch funny videos and other entertaining staff that has nothing to do with gaming or other addictive entertainment that enslave us psychologically.

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