The Impact of Violence in Video Games

Published: 2021-07-05 22:05:04
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The aim of the research is to examine the impact of violence in video games. It is well-acknowledged that video games of today are filled with violence and killing and in fact, killing is lauded as the way to win in many of the video games.
The objective of this study is to examine the manner that participation and play in today’s video games which are filled with violence impacts those who play these video games. The American Psychological Association reports in the work entitled ‘Resolution on Violent Video Games’ that the video game “has become pervasive in the American child’s life” (p.1). In fact, it is reported that in excess of 90% of children in the United States paly some type of such video games (American Psychological Association, 2015). Video games that are violent are held to be a possible contributor to homicidal acts and particularly those which are mass in nature (American Psychological Association, 2015).
The rationale for this study is based in the fact that video games that are violent have the potential to harm individuals who take part in playing such video games. There are not just psychological problems that may arise from playing violent video games but as noted by the American Psychological Association, individuals playing violent video games may well perpetrate horrific crimes within society.
The methodology proposed for this study is qualitative in nature and will involve a critical analysis of literature in this area of inquiry. The literature review will include research studies and other information such as is published in peer-reviewed, academic, and professional literature that is credible in nature Qualitative research is suitable for attempting to understand such phenomenon as will be examined in this particular study and specifically how violent video games affect the perceptions of individuals playing this type of video game.

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